Welcome to The International! Rogers Arena Hosts Dota 2 Championships.

By Phoenix Daniels | Australia

Yes it’s that time again! The 6th annual Dota 2 Championships are here, with teams coming from around the world to compete in The International! With a total prize pool just north of USD 24.5 million, all eyes in competitive gaming are on Rogers Arena, Vancouver, as Canada hosts The International for the first time.

For the uninitiated in the gaming world of MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Dota 2 is one of the most played games online. Originally released in 2013, it boasts over 10 million unique players in the last month alone. Today it is one of the premier events on the eSports calendar.

Leading the way in Group A is the North American team Evil Geniuses. They have only lost one of their ten matches so far. A household name in the community, the Evil Geniuses have amassed over USD 15 million in winnings. In Group B, relative new-comers VGJ.Storm, the North American squad of Team VGJ, are leading the way, having only lost one game from their eight played so far.

Evil Geniuses vs Mineski #1 | The International 2018 Group Stage Dota 2

With the group stages well underway it is shaping up to be an exciting tournament. At the end of the group stage two teams will be eliminated and the remaining sixteen teams will compete in the main event, running 20th – 25th August. So far players have chosen from a larger than normal pool of heroes and so far no real meta has been revealed. This all this makes for an unpredictable tournament full of surprises!

Game Dev News:

Without further adieu may we introduce; Beyond The Void from B2expand, “…the first French company to develop and edit cross gaming video games on the Ethereum Blockchain.”

Indroducing Nexarium: A Blockchain-Based ecosystem to buy, sell & trade in-game items.

Available for free on Steam Beyond The Void is a, “competitive and hybrid strategy game in space,” combining aspects of MOBA and RTS (Real Time Strategy) in space, with the unique characteristic of being backed by cryptocurrency.  The Nexarium is a blockchain powered gaming ecosystem where you can use Nexium (NxC) tokens. It will allow users there benefit of cross-game sharing of in game items, where the user has true ownership of the item they trade.

Beyond The Void game-play with commentary.

It’s too early yet to say gone are the days of legal issues between gamers and game developers, but this is an excellent step in the decentralized direction. Projects like this only help to outline what the future may hold for game development in a post-cryptocurrency world, however it is most definitely a promising development.

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