Atheists Should Be Consistent and Be Libertarians

Atheists oppose the often dogmatic nature of religion, but then, many support the exact same practices when the state does them.

By Harley Austin | United States

In western society, atheists are a strong demographic in politics. Unfortunately, their political affiliations have usually been with highly statist groups, notably progressives. While many may think this aligns with their beliefs, the moral foundations of atheism are the complete opposite of statism. Based on what atheism stands for, the only political belief system compatible with atheistic beliefs is libertarianism.

The deadly combination of statism and atheism has earned the nickname “statheist,” which is:

A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods, yet believes in the religion of Statism. Worships and Pledges Allegiance to a Flag or Country. Thinks voting and the political process is progression for humanity. Casts out fundamentally religious people who participates voluntarily in organizations yet forces people to participate in their dogma via the barrel of a gun. Treats other humans as omnipotent humans with extra special rights over the ones below them. Feels obligated to pay “tithings” to the religion of the State because of the logical reasoning you were born here. Feels the fallible human race cannot progress without the leadership or ruling class of fallible humans.

To understand the hypocrisy of atheistic statism, let’s take a look at how government violates many atheistic beliefs.

Government Enforced Morality

One major tenet of atheism is a strong opposition to religions enforcing morality. Any mention of a religious moral belief is certain to face criticism from atheists. However, despite this, statheists are absolutely fine with government enforcing morality on people, even though the nature of it is extremely similar. They’ll also ignore the fact that government is what made theocracies, state religions, enforced morality, and persecution possible. So while a statheist will condemn others for labeling actions as sins, the same person does not oppose victimless crime laws that enforce morality on others. These laws regulate drugs, gambling, alcohol, and so many more non-violent activities the state deems “immoral”. Yet, atheists that believe in a state do not oppose this.

But while modern western religions will only attempt to convert you voluntarily, government-enforced morality is all done at gunpoint, with the full support of statheists. The hypocrisy of those claiming to be against enforced moral systems supporting exactly that is blatantly obvious. Therefore, atheists should support the libertarian belief of ending government-enforced morality, especially victimless crimes.

State Worship

Socialism, or communism as it is sometimes called, is merely a secular religion, where the State becomes a god.” -Stefan Molyneux

While statheists actively reject the existence of a supernatural supreme and omnipotent being, they actively give those qualities to government. Despite the immense history of government tyranny, genocide, and oppression, statheists believe that government is some all-powerful being that can magically fix our problems, even though it creates nearly all of them.

This belief, a common trait of statism, is nearly identical to the worshiping they do not believe in. Instead of priests, they have politicians. Instead of holy texts, they have law books. They vote, rather than pray, and form parties, rather than congregations. And instead of a god, they have government. After claiming that no God can be all-powerful, they create a quite similar replica in the state.

Government is Anti-Science

Another common trait among atheists is a strong support for science. However, many of these atheists will ignore the major ally of scientific advancement and progress: the free market. Because of free market competition, the private sector has been the greatest source of innovation and technological improvements. The state’s economic restrictions and taxation cripple these industries, which limits scientific innovations and societal advancements. Therefore, atheists should support the libertarian belief of privatization and laissez-faire capitalism.

Atheists: Only Voluntarism is Compatible

The only political philosophy compatible with atheism is the libertarian belief of voluntarism. Voluntarism, the belief that all human interaction should be voluntary and without coercion, works perfectly with atheism. With voluntarism, morality would not be forced onto any individual so long as their actions do no harm others, which is very similar to the atheistic belief of letting people live their own lives free from the moral stigmas of others. All individuals would be free to believe in whatever they choose, which is what most atheists claim to support.

Therefore, atheists should adopt libertarianism because, unlike government, it is non coercive, pro-innovation, and voluntary.

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  2. Atheism is simply a lack of belief in gods. There’s nothing inconsistent in believing in government, since it exists. God doesn’t.


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