Less Is More: Building a Video Game in a Sandbox built on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

Phoenix Daniels | United States

For many, the emotions experienced by the mere mention of “cryptocurrency” is one of fear and uncertainty, brought about predominantly by a lack of understanding of Blockchain technology, coupled with a repetitive message from antiquated mainstream media.

However, for those of us who grew up asking “a/s/l?” in IRC the concept of cryptocurrency becoming the dominant form of trade is as easily accepted as the concept of gravity. When we first became obsessed with games and computing, we were geeks and nerds; now games make more money than movies, and the number of Blockchain entrepreneurial millionaires is growing by the day.

Our Mission: to Free Gamers from Labour!

While the mainstream medical authority wishes to push it’s own ideology and agenda to suggest that gaming addiction is a mental disorder, many gamers dismiss this paradigm as basic and unintelligent. Gaming gives us the capacity to experience creative problem solving on a level of intelligence which, quite frankly, is completely lacking in the social interactions of the mainstream majority plugged into mainstream media. Listening to a conversation about the weeks sports resorts or the news is like listening to robots talked to a brick wall, except that a robot talking to a wall would actually be cool because someone had to build it and program it.

There has never been a better platform for tech savvy gamers to create, and #LESSISMOREGAMES is no exception.

Our Mission: to Free Gamers from Labour! The onset of cryptocurrency has created an opportunity for those who spend arguably the greatest amount of their online than any other group in society.

Gaming Evolution

Imagine this: you wake and sleep on your own schedule, based purely around your gaming; your cost of living including food, rent, utilities and general socialising is covered; and you never have to work a job again.

Sound too good to be true? Guess again. Here’s why:

For better or for worse the Central Banks of the world have been run the way they have been run over the last century. The Gold standard was removed and replaced with FIAT: currency that is declared “legal tender” by the government that the Central Bank prints the currency at interest and loans it to. Over time this has lead to massive debt and inflation, and this is precisely why cryptocurrency is so explosive.

It’s pure mathematics. The very capacity for cryptocurrency to be so disruptive and explosive is specifically due to the behaviour of the FED and it’s contemporaries.

The question remains: How does one take advantage of this opportunity?

The success of any Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency relies on the team creating it and the project behind it. Ethereum is an excellent example: By creating and maintaining a decentralized platform for smart contract applications they have created a long-term demand for their product and service.

#LESSISMOREGAMES is developing a Role-playing Game in a Dynamic Interactive Sandbox (DIS) built on Blockchain technology and backed by its very own Cryptocurrency.

The focus of this Gaming Evolution centres around two core themes; #makeyourownfun and #lessismore. Rather than build a massive expansive world our DIS will provide players with the capacity to actively shape their environment through their interactions with both AI and other players. Thus the size and shape of the Sandbox itself will give a Dynamic response based on the interaction of the players, making it a true expression of creative Freedom. Blockchain technology provides us with the capacity to build scalable networks, allowing us to grow the Sandbox organically with server demands. Finally by backing it with a unique Cryptocurrency known as $KEL we are creating the capacity for the player to earn tokens for playing the game and participating in the marketplace.

So while others may ask, “Don’t you think Bitcoin is a bubble?” we and those like us are growing increasingly too busy with our own projects to respond.

FIAT is the past, Cryptocurrency is the future. Whether you believe us or not is irrelevant, we’re going to do what we’re gonna do whether others understand it or not. Always have, always will.

We’re gamers. ?






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