New Water-Cooled Bitcoin Miner By Bitmain Could Revolutionize Crypto-Mining

The Antminer S9 Hydro, the first water-cooled Bitcoin miner, could have a major impact on the future of mining hardware.

By Michael Sutherland | United States

After the massive success of the Antminer S9, one of the most efficient Bitcoin mining hardware on the market, Bitmain, a Chinese company dominating the crypto-mining hardware industry, is now releasing the S9 Hydro. Unlike its predecessors and competition, the Hydro uses a water-cooling system instead of the traditional air cooling system. Besides the increase in efficiency, something vital to Bitcoin mining, this innovation could revolutionize the entire industry.


To start, one obvious advantage of the S9 Hydro is it’s hash rate of around 18TH/s, a major increase from the S9’s 14TH/s. The S9’s hashrate was already crushing its competition, so this increase will put Bitmain lightyears ahead of its competitors.


Anyone familiar with Bitcoin mining knows how often miners overheat from continuous use. This is a major drain on power and efficiency that the Hydro circumvents by using water cooling. Individuals can also connect multiple Hydros to one water loop, which is good for seasoned miners who prefer large mining rigs. For large mining farms and companies, water cooling is a game changer. Entire mining farms could be cooled using local water sources, similar to power plants, while avoiding the massive temperatures found in traditional server farms. This would make the Hydro a go to miner for large companies, especially those who sell cloud-mining.


Another common issue among Bitcoin miners is the massive amounts of noise a miner produces. This is due to the cooling fans trying to keep up the heat being produced. With the Hydro’s water cooling, the miner’s noise level is drastically reduced, a major benefit for those who mine at home.


Unfortunately, the Antminer S9 Hydro is currently only available of Bitmain’s Chinese website. It is unknown when it will be available for purchase on the English website, but it will mostly likely be soon. The Chinese website prices the Bitmain Hydro at 7450 Chinese Yuan, which is about 1100 US Dollars, but an official USD price has not been announced. This includes the power supply and water cooling module, which makes the total a lot higher than the S9’s ~$650 total price.

Will the S9 Hydro be a revolutionary product for both large and small scale miners or will it simply be another generic miner with a larger price tag? Only time will tell.

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