Lil Pump Is a True Libertarian Icon

By Max Bibeau | Satire

Gazzy Garcia, better known by his stage name Lil Pump, was recently arrested for driving without a license in Miami. Despite the mild nature of his charge, Lil Pump’s personality, lyrics, and actions all prove his libertarian tendencies.

A known drug user, Pump’s first clear endorsement of libertarianism comes from his disrespect of drug laws. In his recent hit “Drug Addicts,” Pump brags not only about his habit, but his lack of care when his drug use is brought into legal question.

I ain’t never listen to nobody (no!)
In the courthouse off of ecstasy (god damn!)

Drug legalization is a core tenet of libertarianism, and Pump clearly recognizes this. He engages in civil disobedience against the state. Pump, clearly, is taking drugs as a form of peaceful protest, and ignoring laws that limit his bodily autonomy. Many average libertarians advocate drug legalization. However, Pump takes this to the next level, practicing civil disobedience daily, bragging about his agorist tendencies through buying substances, and disrespecting authority that he deems illegitimate.

Second, Pump’s personality and lyrics promote a rebellious lifestyle, influencing his listeners and fans towards the libertarian ideology. Pump’s hit song “Crazy” is a libertarian anthem, promoting rebellion and an anti-state lifestyle.

I pop hella Molly, I drive Maserati
Then shut down your party, I air out the shawty
We drink hella water, we run through your daughter

I do this sh*t on the daily, yeah
I do this sh*t on the daily, ayy

In the song, Pump’s aggressive lyrics vividly describe his everyday life, taking drugs and driving fast cars, presumably breaking the speed limit and other statist driving regulations. He follows the description up by reassuring his listeners that “[He] does this sh*t on the daily”. This proves that he lives an anti-state lifestyle and urges his supporters to do the same.

Pump even proves that he lives this life outside of his songs through his recent Florida arrest. Police pulled him over in a Rolls Royce for speeding. But not long after, the officer discovered that Pump did not have a valid license or license plate. After his arrest, Pump smiled in his mugshot. Surely, this proves he truly enjoys these non-violent, anti-state protests.

Lil Pump Mugshot
Lil Pump’s Mugshot

Finally, the title of Pump’s upcoming album, the “Harvard Dropout” tape, demonstrates his hatred of the establishment. In particular, he despises the elitist nature of modern colleges. It’s no secret that college campuses are increasingly opposing free speech. Pump does not stand for this, thus advocating for students to drop out of oppressive institutions. The stereotypical American life now includes going to college for 4 years or more, but Pump wishes students to break out of the oppressive status quo, protecting their rights and allowing them to follow their dreams.

Libertarians have largely ignored the increasing threat to the First Amendment on college campuses. However, Pump realizes the problem and directly addresses it. He even goes so far as to give the younger generation a way to protect their rights. Pump also serves as a role model to many of his supporters. For example, one man could have followed the stereotypical American life of going to college and getting a 9-to-5 job. Instead, he chose to drop out and “save the rap game.”

After examining some of Lil Pump’s lyrics and actions, we can clearly see that he is a dedicated libertarian. Through his drug use and disrespect of illegitimate laws, Pump protests with civil disobedience and agorism. Pump also promotes a rebellious and anti-state lifestyle in his supporters through his songs and actions, influencing his fans. Finally, Pump demonstrates a proactive approach towards protecting his rights by dropping out of oppressive institutions like Harvard to follow his dreams. Lil Pump may seem like an everyday rapper, but that is part of the genius. A deeper analysis immediately proves Pump’s libertarian tendencies.

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