The Day Without A Mexican

By Nate Galt | United States

Picture this day, if you can-

The day without a Mexican.

Imagine America devising a plan

On what to do after an immigration ban


Now that no one crosses the border

There won’t be anyone to take your order

Since illegal immigration has been blocked

Your store’s shelves are no longer stocked


Your home’s roof will never be boarded

For all illegals have been deported

Since their entry has been thwarted

No agricultural product can be exported


All illegals were sent back to Mexico

So your front yard’s leaves won’t be blown

There won’t be anyone to fix the roads

Or any person to reap or sow


Therefore, if we try to build a wall

Or make sure to deport all

Illegal immigrants, our economy will fall

Millions of jobs will be vacated- no one can take them all


If we fulfill the wishes of the Klan

And picture the day, if we can

A disastrous time for the economy and for each American-

The day without a single Mexican 

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