France Burns For All Of Us

By Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg

Look at our beautiful western democracy now. The faux apex of commodified neoliberal luxury. Corporate, debt-ridden, bored, skull sunk, ad-ridden, cartoonish, pharmaceutical psychosis of wars on autopilot. Automated horror shows manufactured in the backrooms of cold, dead boardrooms. The people vote and nothing changes. The ballot box has evaded all of our simple dreams of real hope and change. Now it is the way of the bullet and France burns for all of us.

The oil wars that never end. The politicians and bankers and technocrats who gladly sell each one of our inherent goodness to the highest bidder while waving the flag of nu globalism. The mounting centralization of governance and economy that pits the individual in an unwinnable struggle for freedom and identity in a global society that has marked the natural rights of man as a tombstone of the past.

What began as a reactionary protest against a gas tax levied by the French government has turned into weeks of civil unrest that is spreading throughout the country and into neighboring nations. The American and global media have done everything in their power to limit the exposure of this working-class uprising. They have belittled the protestors as thugs when, in reality, they are the common people yearning for real representation.

This, too, is an open refutation of the metropolitan machinery and culture that has abandoned the silent majority to the dustbin of history. Of the more than 270 protestors who were arrested in Paris this week, 2/3 of them were from outside the capitol city. Rural residents who rely on diesel fuel to power their trucks have been up in arms over the 7.6 cent fuel tax for every litre of oil. While the cosmopolitans of urban Paris suggest everyone ride the bus to work, they forget about the backbone of the French urban class who simply don’t have that option.

The demonstrations also cut a serious strike against the overwhelming love affair between Macron and the pseudo-intellectual media who still can’t understand why populism is afoot in all corners of the developed world. As his country burns, Macron is busy penning eco-friendly essays for the always applauding Washington Post. There will always be a safe platform for those who stand against the ‘evil’ that Donald Trump has wrought on this world.

The riots are characterized by a severe loss of individual autonomy beneath the illicit thumb of the weaponized modern state. 100’s of injured citizens. Police beating and shooting protestors. Grade school students abandoning their books for the wet blood of the streets. All of it illustrating the thin stability of peace that situates a frustrated populace within a tone-deaf political apparatus.

One of the major reasons for the riots is the fact that the French tax burden is the second highest in the world. As en vogue American Democrats yearn for higher taxes, here is the result of that impulse; violence and mayhem. Sky high taxes, rising unemployment and a spiraling cost of living have sown the seeds of this rebellion. Nationwide, the more than 136,000 demonstrators have created a severe hit on French industries as retailers and the hospitality industry are paralyzed among the panic.

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Who is the leader of this movement? There is none. In fact, when six people were put forward as spokespeople for the Gilet jaunes last week, violent threats were made to their persons. For the political bourgeoisie class, the most terrifying aspect of this movement is that it is faceless and nameless. The Yellow Vests are a spontaneous order that increasingly sits across class faultlines and is spearheaded towards those who have pushed coercive big government politics onto an already suffering populace.

The anger in the streets of France dovetails quite startlingly with the rise of President Trump and other leader’s push towards uber-nationalism. While the privileged class of politico tastemakers continues their bookish demands for environmental protectionism, collectivist interventionism, and eye gouging tax rates, the people of the western nations are demanding that their voices be heard among the blood and rubble.

This morning, PM Phillipe suspended the fuel tax in a bid to quell rioters. It would appear, for now, that sometimes the way of the bullet is a necessary measure on the road from serfdom.

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