Government Shuts Down Because of Trump’s Ego

By William Ramage | United States

As of Saturday at midnight, the government is partially shut down indefinitely for the third time this year alone. This comes after Congress worked tirelessly to pump out a short-term funding bill in order to prevent this from happening yet again.

Even in a time as divided as we are now, the Senate was able to vote unanimously to pass the funding bill. They only required a signature from President Trump, who evidently failed to provide it.

The Senate chose their country over their party, and Trump chose his ego over his country, essentially blackmailing the rest of the government in order to get what he wants. This is simply rendering the system of checks and balances useless.

This is the first time in 40 years that the government has shut down 3 times in one year alone. Once again the president is putting his own personal prospects before the needs of the American people. Trump failed to provide a signature as the new funding bill did not fund his border wall.

Not only is the wall an unfathomable idea, but it is also not a required piece of infrastructure, and certainly not more important than the very government that controls our nation. Trump chose not to represent his people but rather himself, postponing the running of our democracy.

The crude, stubborn, and indifferent actions of our leader have caused more than 400,000 to be out of their job and out of pay until a deal is reached to satisfy our president and his childish behavior. He claims to bring back jobs to Americans yet he cannot manage to retain the ones that should stay steady and permanent.

Our president has gone rogue, not even adjourning to his own party. The needs of the American people should be the first priority of the government, and the egoistic desires of singular people in office should not even factor in.

Maintaining an operational government should be within the least of our lawmakers’ worries, however, it has continued to prove a struggle point for our underqualified president. The ability of the entire Senate to agree on this funding bill demonstrates that our greatly divided nation is able to unite over the important issues, however, our president is unable to even consider putting his wants aside for the needs of the entire population.

We cannot claim to be the best democracy in the world and set a precedent for other rising democracies if we cannot manage to keep our own functional and running smoothly. We need to put aside individual desires for the prosperity of our nation as a whole.

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