Russia Declares Successful Test of Undetectable Nukes

By Ryan Lau | @agorisms

In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that he had a new weapon in his arsenal. In a speech to his Federal Assembly, he unveiled an alarming nuclear bomb more dangerous than any before. The new nukes, in addition to having the power to vaporize a city, are nearly impossible to detect.

The supersonic missile is allegedly immune to anti-missile systems. Due to an unpredictable flight pattern at a high speed, the missile is currently too difficult to track. He also insisted that the missile could reach any city on the face of the Earth.

After such a terrifying reveal, the world soon felt a sigh of relief. In May, Russia announced that the weapon, which they call the Avangard, would not be ready until 2020. Though still a tight timeframe, this allows other nuclear nations, including the U.S. and Israel, to improve their defenses. Despite this, Putin considers his new arsenal to be “invincible”.

Accelerated Russian Progress

However, it appears that the momentum is turning even more strongly in Russia’s favor this week. Late Thursday, Russia announced a successful test of the undetectable nuke. According to Putin, the weapon is capable of traveling about 20 times the speed of sound. It can also withstand extreme temperatures of 2000 Celsius and maneuver around anti-missile defenses.

But the most critical update comes with the timing of the weapon. He asserted that the missiles would see service as soon as next year. At that time, he believes that they will be in full operation in the country’s Strategic Missile Forces.

Now, potential adversaries are under a reduced timeframe to develop alternate means of defense. Though the window was already tight, it now is halved. If successful, other world powers, such as the United States, could significantly reduce the power of the Kremlin’s undetectable nukes.

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