National Parks Are Kicking Out Libertarians… For Cleaning Them Up

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

The government shutdown has turned into the longest one in United States history. The consequences have included our TSA not being paid (scary!) and the National Parks losing funding. In addition, the FDA is shut down. So amidst the constant slew of overdoses on cheap EpiPens and terrorist attacks, some kind-hearted libertarians decided to step up to the plate and do their part for nature.

Members of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee Delta Region saw that garbage was accumulating, so they decided to head on over and volunteer. Amidst their efforts, though, a park ranger approached, demanding that their tribute to Mother Earth end. In the video above, one can see that the park ranger explains that if they wish to volunteer, they can sign a form that will be provided as soon as the facilities have re-opened.

The problem with that, though, is that due to the government shutdown, the facilities are closed. The park ranger informs a volunteer towards the end of the video that he has not seen the volunteer manager since the shutdown either.

The party explained:

No group of volunteers has been stopped throughout this nationwide effort until today. We were told about 30 minutes into our cleaning that we were not officially “volunteers” and would have to stop. We attempted to reason with the park ranger however he blatantly told us that even walking along side the walkways and picking up trash was prohibited….

The Libertarian Party is a party that centers on volunteerism and helping our community. It is a shame in the “Volunteer State” we are stopped from volunteering.”

Even unconsciously, the state seems to aim to monopolize everything good in this world so as to build up reliance on it. This act is one that shows that without government, beauty and nature will surely die.

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