5 Sexist Laws That Still Exist in the United States

4. Women Can’t Wear Pants in Tuscon, Arizona

Shifting back to female discrimination, an ordinance in Tuscon prohibits women from wearing pants. This refers to everything from sweats to jeans to slacks. The law formed many years ago when cowboys ruled the land. They created an armful of strange laws banning everything from cutting down cacti to yes, women wearing pants. Instead, they were required to wear another garment, such as a skirt or dress. In Old Western times, this was seen as proper attire.

Cowboys also subjected themselves to some particular dress codes. For example, they were not allowed to wear spurs inside a hotel lobby. However, due to the scope of this law compared to the one affecting women, many consider this to still be a form of sexism. Luckily, nobody really enforces this law today, and women are free to wear pants without any legal consequences. But once again, there has nonetheless been no motion to remove this law from the books.

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