5 Sexist Laws That Still Exist in the United States

5. A Permit to Wear High Heels

In Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, local municipal code bans wearing high heels more than two inches tall. The odd law initially came into practice in 1963 when the city attorney wanted to protect against lawsuits. Previously, women wearing heels had allegedly sued the city for tripping over un-even sidewalks while wearing heels.

In the modern day, police do not really enforce the ordinance. Moreover, permits are available for free at Carmel’s City Hall. However, there has been no motion to actually change this law, and at any point, it is well within a police officer’s right to ask a woman to see her permit to wear heels. If she does not comply, then she may face consequences not only for not wearing the heels but also defying an officer.

The law is minimally impactful and makes no major difference in the lives of Carmel women. But from a symbolic standpoint, may see this as one of America’s sexist laws. Even though there was a supposedly pragmatic reason for the law, some take its continued presence as unjust.

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