Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Living Rent Free In Conservative Minds

By Spencer Kellogg | @spencer_kellogg


Errr.. wait. That was actually just EVERY right-wing speaker at this year’s CPAC. Sebastian Gorka, Charlie Kirk, Vice President Mike Pence and Larry Kudlow all sang the same hollow song to unbroken applause in front of adoring fans in the immaculate Gaylord ballroom. Red scare 101. Divide and conquer.

Utilizing the same sort of firemouth rhetoric that blanketed America during the McCarthy years, each speaker took the same boring potshots at socialism and its new American queen. How original.

In unison, each one bellowed across the bright red convention center to unified applause against the common enemy of the weekend and, apparently, America – socialism. Sitting in media row, all I could think of was how fraught with fear and terror these Republicans have become and what it means for the future.

And who was enemy #1? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Oh God! NOT THE DANCING MILLENIAL FROM NEW YORK CITY. AMERICA BE SAVED! She doesn’t want Americans to eat hamburgers! She thinks we should cut down our fossil fuel emissions! The big red boogyman has escaped its restless slumber and this time she is wearing lipstick.

This is dangerous stuff here folks. Please avert your eyes to the video above unless you’ve been force-fed your daily portion of Milton Freidman and have your clip-on-bowtie fastened tight and ready! Hide the kids and grab the ghost guns because Stalin redux is alive and well in DC.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the thorn that just keeps driving harder and faster into Republican feet and I absolutely love her for it. For all of her policy problems – and she has many – I am thoroughly enjoying her ruffle the feathers of the scum sucking, oil-laden Republican cabal.

I came away from this year’s CPAC thinking one thing and one thing only – they are absolutely terrified of what AOC might do. Whether it was the speakers on stage or the scattered hisses along media row, the right-wing movement in this country is scared and rightfully so.

While conservatives slammed AOC for allegedly paying her boyfriend as part of her congressional staff, they continue to protect monied issues that care not for the future of our planet and people. The Republican Party, sans-Trump, is the same as it ever was: sunk in it’s blackened oil boots, priming the pump for eternal war and private contracts for all their fat cat friends.

Whether they realize it or not, the Republican Party and conservatives all across this country are turning AOC into a living legend. A fitting new warrior that stands against all that is evil in the unchecked American capitalist empire. Their hate-fueled obsession with the diminutive firebrand from NYC is reminiscent of the treatment that Trump got from the liberal media as he ascended to the presidency. The monster that they fear the most is the one that they are busy building brick by brick.

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