Justin Amash Should Run as a Libertarian in 2020

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Republican House Represenative Justin Amash has announced that he is not “ruling out” a bid for the Libertarian Party in 2020. “I would never rule anything out,” he said. However, he states that it is “not on his radar.” at the moment. This quote surfaced as he was speaking about the border wall funding issue. He believes that Trump’s emergency order for the wall is an unconstitutional measure. He also believes it could be further pervert the Constitution in the future.

Amash’s Background

Justin Amash has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2010 when he won Michigan’s 3rd congressional district and has been there ever since. That same year he was featured as one of TIME Magazine’s top 40 under 40 rising starts in US politics. Rand Paul has endorsed him and vice versa.

Amash has founded several caucuses of the Republican party which have been good for constitutionalism as well as the libertarian cause. These include the Freedom Caucus, Liberty Caucus, and also the Second Amendment Caucus. Amash is known as a “Republican Libertarian” to many.

Why the LP needs Amash

After the disaster of Gary Johnson in 2016 and Bill Weld’s plan to run in 2020, the libertarian movement needs a leader. The Libertarian party needs a good candidate to run in 2020. Someone like Johnson or Weld will only hurt the movement.

Instead of endorsing Obama and Hillary (like Bill Weld), he endorsed Ted Cruz and Ron Paul. Furthermore, he is a great character and is a professional. Qualities that other candidates lack. Justin Amash has been described as “a stickler for House rules who has never missed a vote.”

Moreover, Amash explains his reasons for his votes on social media. This is also a quality of a transparent leader.


As great as his character is, his policy makes him even more electable.  Amash has stated that he votes on based on the constitution, as well as what he believes will promote liberty.

“I follow a set of principles, I follow the Constitution, and that’s what I base my votes on. Limited government, economic freedom and individual liberty. ”

Justin Amash’s voting history is consistent with these views and his principles. There are many proposals he may support, but he will not vote for them if they cotradict the constitution.

Amash opposed the Affordable Health Care Act and referred to the Republican alternative as “swamp care”. He as also opposed excessive federal intervention in environmental affairs, as well as federal aid to Flint Michigan. Why? It was not constitutional.

Bi Partisanship

Amash has shown his ability to work across the aisle to protect civil liberties. He criticized both the left and the right’s healthcare plans. He also proposed a bill along with Democrat Ted Lieu to prevent the DEA from receiving funding from civil asset forfeitures.

A Shift in the LP’s Image

He is a strict constitutionalist who does not compromise on liberties. This is what the libertarian movement needs. He represents the libertarian-ideology faction of the Republican Party.

The Libertarian Party is often accused of pandering to the left. They have focused on being socially progressive instead of constitutionalism. The LP’s reputation was harmed in 2016. It needs someone to heal it. Justin Amash could very well be this man.

Ron Paul retired. Austin Peterson nor Rand Paul have shown any sings of running. Bill Weld may be pursuing the LP or the Reublican Party. It may very well be hopeless. However, Justin Amash could save the libertarian movement by running in 2020.


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