Lawsuit Filed in Police Shooting of Intellectually Disabled Teen Ricardo Hayes

Joe Trotter | @TheTrottSpot

A Chicago police officer ordered to cover up the brutal shooting of an unarmed, intellectually disabled teen filed a suit in court this week.

Sgt. Isaac Lambert, a 24-year decorated veteran, claims he was intentionally demoted after refusing to change a report that would allege that the officer who shot the teen was the actual victim in the incident.

Video evidence shows that the teen, 18-year-old Ricardo Hayes, was running through his neighborhood in August 2017 when off-duty Sgt. Khalil Muhammad called him over to his vehicle. The teen took four steps toward the vehicle before the officer fired on Hayes.

According to detectives, Muhammad was “not able to provide a coherent or believable explanation” for his conduct. After Hayes was released from the hospital, members of the police department wanted to charge him with aggravated assault based on Muhammad’s claim that Hayes threatened him.

Ultimately, the teen was never charged and Muhammad was placed on indefinite paid leave by the department.

Lambert’s suit says that his decision to not charge the teen “was based on the facts of the case that were known to him at that time, and included an assessment of Ricardo’s obvious and serious disabilities.” After the investigation dragged on for over a year, Lambert claims his superiors ordered him to list Muhammad as the victim of aggravated assault, and Lambert refused.

Less than a week later, Lambert was stripped of his detective’s duties and was reassigned to the patrol section. His lawsuit claims that this demotion was an “act of retaliation.” Lambert is suing the department to regain his position as a detective.

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