Eurasianism: A Plot to Undermine the USA

Daniel Szewc | @szewc_daniel

The concept of Eurasianism has influenced Russian political thought for the last century. It has shaped itself as a reaction to Western-run globalism. Some say that even Vladimir Putin adheres to this school of thought.

History of Eurasianism

Eurasianism was created by Russian émigrés who fled their homeland after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. From it’s earliest days, it’s supporters considered Westernisation as a grave mistake for Russia. At first, it’s founders even thought that the Bolshevik regime would slowly transform into a Christian Orthodox, anti-internationalist state. They also thought that it would allow Russia to return to stability.

In general, Eurasians support the moral, diplomatic, economic and potentially religious unification of former Soviet states. This excludes the Baltics, which are structurally closer to that which to them is the antagonistic West.

The Thought Process

The main concept that all of the Eurasian thought is based on, is that of seeing the lands of the Mackinderite [Halford Mackinder was a XIX/XXth century English geostrategist] Eurasian heartland as their own civilization. They claim that this civilization’s geography allows it to be completely separate from any other civilization. It is landlocked by ice, islands and other empires. In contrast, they view the Anglo-Saxon merchant identity as inherently expansive, as well as hostile towards all other civilizations. This makes them into mental and cultural colonies of America, the UK and their spheres of influence.

These said colonies then try to operate in the Western system, yet are always a step behind. They are imperfect impressions of the West since the values they enact are unnatural to their geographic backgrounds. This is why Eurasians ally themselves with all other global movements that cease to undermine the global system and all its elements. From the monetary Bretton-Woods, through the financial World bank and diplomatic United Nations, every organization that serves the unification and unitarization of the World is at awe with Eurasianism.

Allies of Eurasianism

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. In accordance, the best way to destroy an externally installed system of entities is by uniting from the bottom. Thus making the scale of the international coup d’état impossible to stop. Therefore, even though the ideologies of Eurasianists differ on many subjects, their web of at least one-sided alliances stretches far. From the alternative right in the USA through the identitarian movements in Europe to the anti-Western socialists in Cuba and Venezuela. In general, all nationalist movements that do not have pro-American sentiment gain major favor in the eyes of the Eurasianists.

Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin is one of the most popular modern Eurasianists in Russia. Some supporters of the idea in the ’20s and ’30s flirted with the idea of Mussolini’s fascism as a system for unification. Under which they would unite the people of Northern Asia and Eastern Europe. Dugin, however, is a proponent of Stalinism. He also rejects one of the most popular factors uniting Eurasians. He is against the standard Orthodox church, flirting with occultism and other, by western standards, morally reprehensible ideas. The “fourth way” is the idea that takes the most radical elements of both the second way (socialism) and the third way (Nazism).

For a Westerner, knowledge of Eurasian theory can be of both, psychological and strategic importance. The ability to interpret the actions of whoever Russia may be to the West in the future, from friend to foe, is crucial for the maintaining of global peace.

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