Haymarket Police Forces Residents to Buy City Decal or Face Fine

Emily Merrell | United States

Effective April 11th, 2019, the town of Haymarket in Virginia issued a new policy. The Haymarket Police Department’s Facebook page posted a video of Haymarket Police Chief Lands. He announces the new policy. All town residents will be required to purchase a decal sticker, which they can get at the town hall, and display it on their cars.

The Haymarket Town Decal

Chief Lands also explains that if citizens do not purchase a decal and put it on their vehicles, Haymarket Police will issue a $35 fine. Apparently, officers will even be surveying neighborhoods trying to find people without the town decal.

Many are speculating that this a profit scheme for the town. Most residents do not want to give away their money freely to the government just to have a town decal. However, people in the comments praise the town and police department for their protection of citizens and way of informing the public. Others, not so much.

The video announcement is available here.

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