Guaidó Considering Asking US for Military Aid in Venezuela

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It’s been more than three months since Juan Guaidó declared himself the Interim President of Venezuela. He has since tried to end Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship ruling the country with an iron fist. The Venezuelan interim president has been doing his best to ignite a revolution to bring back democracy and dignified life to citizens of his country. At first, he tried to peacefully remove Maduro and his crew from power. But since it didn’t work, he has recently resorted to more violent means.

Nevertheless, after several failed attempts of dethroning Venezuelan socialist dictator Maduro, Juan Guaidó is now evaluating the possibility of asking the US to aid him in his quest to remove Maduro from power with US military support. But will the US help him?  

Even if his intentions look good, the US doing a military intervention in another country may backfire. It could give Maduro more firepower to claim to be the victim fighting off an “evil imperialist country” like the narrative he likes to preach to the masses and the international media to make him look like the good guy. 

Will the US Directly Intervene in the Venezuela Civil War?

“I’m evaluating all options” -Juan Guaidó told the BBC’s Nicky Bryan. 

Guaidó has largely failed in igniting a military rebellion against Maduro. He and his opposition-controlled National Assembly want the US to help him launch an offensive against the dictatorship. However, although Guaidó has more than 50 countries siding with him, things may be more complicated than he is expecting. After all, China, Russia, and most of Venezuela’s military still back Maduro.

Trump stated last Friday that getting the US military involved in the conflict is very unlikely. During a call with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia told him that “he is not looking to get involved in Venezuela other than he’d like to see something positive happen for Venezuela”.  

It appears unlikely that Trump will risk putting his name and reputation at stake. After all, the election season is beginning. Sticking the US in a war may hurt his chances of winning the 2020 presidential race. 

Has Maduro Successfully Defeated Guaidó?

“I think the only one who really hurts himself is Maduro, He has been losing again and again. He is increasingly weak, increasingly alone, and has no international support. On the contrary, we gain acceptance, support and future options.” 

Although Maduro tries his best to pretend he is in control of the situation, this is far from the truth. The Venezuelan conflict is far from over, but at the moment, it looks like Guaidó and Maduro are in a complex stalemate. While Venezuelan armed forces didn’t appear to give in to Guido’s calls for help, the number of conflicts between civilians and the armed forces has been increasing a lot lately. This may mean that Maduro is slowing losing control and order of his state as the citizens try to sort the situation out.

A Tough Battle

Pressure for Maduro to resign has recently increased, internationally and at home. Maduro is no fool; in order to avoid rebellions, he has been giving generous pay raises to his military allies. As things are getting more intense, Venezuela has seen an ever-increasing expenditure with the military.

It looks like it will be a tough fight for Guaidó, as Maduro is showing no signs of weakness. Unfortunately, it looks like the coming months may spell out even more conflict and problems for the Spanish-speaking nation. Thus, the future of Venezuela and its citizens is uncertain.

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