Oppressive Gun Bills in the Oregon State Legislature

Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

OR SB 501 is still currently circling around in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This Oregon gun bill, nicknamed the “Oregon Gunpocalypse”, imposes ridiculous restraints on legal gun owners. OR SB 978 is also gaining traction in the State Senate. OR HB 3223 is in the House Judiciary Committee as well. Clearly, someone ignorant on the subject of firearms drafted these bills. High School students, “Students for Change”, drafted OR SB 501, which State Senator Robert Wagner proposed. Apparently drafting gun bills when you know nothing about guns is a trend in Oregon.

What Does Oregon Senate Bill 978 Entail?

  • You could become a felon for driving past a school or public building with a firearm in your possession
  • Allows firearm dealers to choose their own minimum age of sale between 18 and 21, does not need to be uniform
  • Requires firearms always be locked with a trigger or cable lock
  • You could become a felon if your firearm is stolen
  • You would also be strictly liable for the thief’s actions
  • Bans self-manufactured firearms

Track the bill here. View OR SB 978’s full text here.

What Does Oregon Senate Bill 501 Entail?

  • Bans magazines/weapons with a capacity of over 5 rounds
  • Limits ammunition purchases to 20 rounds per month
  • Mandates a permit for any firearm purchase (regardless of firearm class)
  • Mandates background checks on ammunition
  • Implements 14-day waiting periods on firearm purchases

Track the bill here. View OR SB 501’s full text here.  Read an editorial from this site on the bill here.

What Does Oregon House Bill 3223 Entail?

OR HB 3223 bans  “assault weapons”. The bill declares an emergency on “assault weapons”. The FBI UCR reports 58 firearm related homicides in Oregon in 2017. However, in only two of these cases was the weapon used a rifle.

Track the bill here. View OR HB 3223’s full text here.

How Does this Effect Oregon?

There are approximately a million gun owners in Oregon. These gun bills, if they became law, would make Oregon one of the worst states in the country for gun ownership, along with California and New York. Not only that, but these bills would also be largely ineffective to curbing gun violence in Oregon. There are a million holes to poke in these “common-sense” gun bills.

A capacity ban of five rounds outlaws very commonly owned six-shot revolvers. Also, twenty round limits every month on ammunition purchase is absurd. So is not allowing someone carrying a firearm, to drive within a certain radius of a school or public building. Firearms being double locked in the home makes self-defense very difficult. Is having your firearm accessible in your own home really too much to ask? Apparently yes to the legislators behind OR SB 978. And again, there clearly is no emergency involving “assault weapons” in Oregon.

If you are a gun owner in Oregon, good luck to you. With the gun bills circling the Oregon State Senate and House this year, you’ll need it.

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