3 People Who Give You More Freedom than the Government

3) Cody Wilson

The former head of Defense Distributed took a major step towards gun rights over the past several years. A self-proclaimed crypto-anarchist, Wilson is the creator of the first 3D-printed gun. With Defense Distributed, he has worked for years to produce files capable of printing various weapons. In 2013, Wilson had his first major breakthrough, successfully test-firing a small 3D-printed gun called the Liberator.

As the guns are not made of metal, it is nearly impossible to trace them. Thus, the guns have no regulations attached to them, no serial number, and no manufacturer information. Without asking for permission, Wilson took action towards making sure anyone can have a firearm. Though the Liberator is a primitive gun, the files are permanently available on the internet. No gun legislation, no matter how strict, can remove them.

In particular, Cody Wilson’s actions have helped those who may not be able to legally purchase a gun but still would like to obtain one. This may include those with a non-violent criminal record or individuals wrongly placed on the no-fly or terror watch lists.

Over the years, the government has attempted to ban access to his files. Eventually, they failed. But even if they had succeeded, nothing would have truly removed them from the internet. The Liberator, as well as other guns and 80% lower receiver packages that his company specializes in, will forever be a part of this world. Wilson spoke out on the issue, asserting that his work “is a symbol of irreversibility. They can never eradicate the gun from the earth”.

71 Republic’s Mason Mohon has conducted an interview with Cody, which you can view here.

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