Warren Neglects Trump’s Name in Democratic Debates

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Elizabeth Warren undoubtedly swept the floor with other the other candidates in the first night of the Democratic Primary Debates. Warren, a past Law School Professor at Rutgers and Senator from Massachusetts, brought out a shimmering light of progressivism. In a cast of Spanish-speaking and buzzword-feeding postulants grasping at straws, Warren held her own. The Congresswoman stuck to her campaign promises in a clear and concise tone.

Not Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Big publications like the New York Times and Politico fail to point out the most remarkable accolade of the Democratic Debate in regards to Warren. Althoguh Warren felt comfortable taking 9 minutes and 7 seconds of the total hour and a half running time, she never once mentioned President Trump. Recently, the big stage on Twitter and over left-wing news channels was bashing Trump’s every move no matter the significance.

With any other ordinary candidate, this trend has not died down at all. Bill De Blasio, being the only other candidate who didn’t mention Trump, only had half the screen time that Warren did. The two candidates who had more time to speak, Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke, each mentioned Trump four times. Amy Klobuchar, who earned a little over eight minutes, referred to Trump’s campaign a whopping nine times. Above all, Klobuchar was falling back on the broken-record anti-Trump logic so played out by nominees like herself.

On the second night, every candidate mentioned trump at least once, with Eric Swalwell sitting at the bottom. Biden ranked at the top, mentioning Trump nine times in his 13 minutes and 18 seconds of talking time. The rest of the cast on night two talked about the President at large, at an average of about five times per person.

Warren’s Stock Skyrockets

The Massachusetts Senator distinguished herself in a field of eerily similar and like-minded Democrats. Most candidates that competed against Warren in the Democratic Debates do not stand a chance against big names. Seven of the nine other debaters on night one are polling under one percent, and the other two (Booker and O’Rourke) land at 2.3% and 3.3% respectively. Their plan was to pander to the audience in creative ways, jumping around solutions to legitimate problems. In stepped political-veteran Warren into the mix, and she took the debate by the reigns.

Warren provided clean answers to the questions thrown her way, with legitimate solutions backed up by years of experience. Despite an early rocky start to her campaign (before it even started), Warren has seemingly bounced back as the highest polling woman in the polls. She stands out as a likely candidate to beat Joe Biden and/or her progressive male counterpart, Bernie Sanders. Warren was the prospect who began the attack on “big corporations” on the first night. The other candidates who spoke after her were left paraphrasing what she already said.

Competitors Left in the Dust – Night One

With the success of Warren on the debate stage, the remaining nine Democrats were left to pick up the scraps. Julián Castro was able to work with what he had for the silver medal and pick up 100,000 unique donors since his success that night. The rest of the candidates in the debate were lost in the jumble of forgettable nominees.

Additonally, almost every time she was called on to answer a question, Tulsi Gabbard was ushered to finish her statement. She wasn’t able to find lee-way to drive her points home with the six minutes she was given. The same could be said for New York City mayor Bill De Blasio if it wasn’t for his lack of charisma. De Blasio lost points with the listeners by interrupting as rudely as humanly possible in an otherwise civil debate.

The biggest loser of the night was Beto O’Rourke. Beto gained traction after giving Ted Cruz a run for his money in the 2018 election cycle, only losing by 2.2% of the vote. It seems as though O’Rourke lost his energy that was gained early in the primary cycle, while on the debate station. As a result, O’Rourke has fallen far from when he fundraised $6.1 million in the first day of his campaign. His Spanish speaking skills that played out on stage seemed forced and oddly rehearsed.

Competitors Left in the Dust – Night Two

Kamala Harris had an exceptionally memorable performance on the second night of the Democratic Debates. The other candidates were left to pick up the scraps. Pete Buttigieg had strong points in the debate as he emphasized his youthful campaign and his LGBTQ lifestyle. Unfortunately, he failed to adequately answer to Eric Swalwell’s attack when questioned about a police-involved shooting in South Bend.

Andrew Yang’s poor performance was blamed on the lack of speaking time (2 minutes, 56 seconds), but followed by controversy. He failed to connect with the audience on the big stage, regardless of his devout Twitter following. Bernie Sanders misspoke countlessly on his lack-luster performance on the night. While he didn’t lose any ground, he didn’t gain any traction either as he reiterated his points on Medicare-for-All.

Biden’s campaign will never be the same after the annihilation from Kamala Harris about his previous record on racial issues. After being called out in front of America, former VP Biden’s response was rather weak. He used only 17 seconds when given 30 seconds to counter Harris, Biden alluded that his time was up. Marianne Williamson brought a comical element to the Debate and was easily one of the most memorable candidates, for all the wrong reasons. Her performance was notably abysmal, disregarding actual policy ideas or using spiritualist jargon to confuse watchers.

Warren Coming out On Top

Warren distinguished herself as one of the only winners over the two nights and solidified her position as one of the top-ranking candidates. In conclusion, other Democrats who poll above her at the moment could fall at any point in time, and these debates may have been the beginning of the end. If or when this happens, Warren will patiently be waiting for her nomination.

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