Andrew Yang Wants the Government to Buy Back Your Car

Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg

If Andrew Yang becomes president of the United States, you’re going to have to sell your “legacy-gas” car back to the government.

Andrew Yang Will “Buyback” Your Car

Speaking at CNN’s Climate town hall on Wednesday night, Andrew Yang was blunt. The independent-minded Yang suggested the government will not only buy citizens’ cars but that they will also fund an ‘upgrade.’

“We are all going to love driving our electric cars,” the tech entrepreneur said with a smirk. “There will still be some legacy gas guzzlers on the road for some time because this is not a country where you’re going to take someone’s clunker away from them. But you are going to offer to buy the clunker back and help them upgrade.”

What the Numbers Say

There are over 250 million cars, trucks, and buses registered in the United States today. Like every other Democrat running for president in 2020, Andrew Yang wants the taxpayer to fund his pie-in-the-sky plan.

On Twitter Thursday morning, Andrew Yang was mocked relentlessly for the idea that is reminiscent of Beto O’Rourke’s plan to buyback every assault weapon in America.

Later in the town hall, Andrew Yang proposed a constitutional amendment that would ‘make it the responsibility of the United States government to safeguard and protect our environment for future generations.’

Never mind the fact that time and time again, climate change models presented by governments and scientists have proven inaccurate. For Democrats like Andrew Yang, the goal is always to prop up fear-based arguments with the magic panacea of all good liberal – government intervention.

Though Andrew Yang’s outsider presence has been a fresh breath of air in a field filled with party bureaucrats, his calls for the government to buyback every car in America is among the most totalitarian suggestions presented in this election season.

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