Our Story

In today’s information age, it is easy for monolithic media companies to manipulate facts and words to fit their narrative. 71 Republic hopes to shift the course of journalism towards a more objective and transparent method of reporting. We produce 100% objective news updates as well as informed and refreshing editorials on current events from an unconventional perspective. Our bias is not tied to any singular party or ideology; rather, we harbor a host of contributors with widely varying backgrounds and political dispositions. From Andrew Yang to Glenn Beck and John McAfee, our work has been shared and cited in all corners of today’s current media and political climate.

Our Mission

71 Republic tells the stories of injustice in our world. We recognize that the average person lacks a voice for change, and seek to make them heard.

71 Republic believes in giving a megaphone to the marginalized. We wish to reinvigorate the foundational purpose of journalism by using straight-edge reporting to expose the misdeeds of governments, corporations, and those in other positions of authority. As two political machines receive nearly exclusive coverage, 71 Republic intends to reach beyond the status quo and bring light to the issues and perspectives not typically touched upon. We are the revolution in media. We are 71 Republic.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer – Matthew Geiger


Matthew Geiger studies Economics at Ohio University, and has taken up numerous ventures in politics, assisting campaigns, candidates, and organizations across the country.

Matthew was also one of the 100 individuals selected to the American Legion Boys Nation program in the summer of 2018, being chosen out of a pool of roughly 22,000 boys. Matthew has also appeared on the We Are Libertarians Network twice (here and here) as well as The Rebellion Podcast (here) representing 71 Republic.

Contact Matthew at [email protected]


Chief Operations Officer – Mason Mohon

Mason Mohon is the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Content at 71 Republic. He’s from Austin, Texas and is currently attending Hillsdale College. He has interviewed various figures including Cody Wilson, Scott Horton, and Max Borders.

He enjoys researching and writing about topics ranging from economics, psychedelics, and cryptocurrency to libertarianism, postmodernism, and technology.

Contact Mason at [email protected]

Editor-in-Chief – Ryan Lau

Image from iOS (1)Ryan is a junior at Trinity College in Connecticut, double-majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. He has worked with 71 Republic since its inception in 2017. Ryan was previously a member of The University of Vermont’s youth mentor program, which works one-on-one with disadvantaged children in the Burlington area. He also is heavily involved in his school’s pep band.

Outside of school, Ryan is an avid downhill skier and distance runner. He has completed three marathons and is currently training for his first 50-mile race. In the future, he hopes to continue his writing career and teach piano lessons.

Contact Ryan at [email protected]

Chief Financial Officer – Andrew Zirkle


Andrew Zirkle is the CFO and a reporter for 71 Republic. He has lived in North Carolina and Colorado, and he currently resides in Maryland. He is a believer in responsible journalism and wants to alter the destructive status quo in the current media climate.

Andrew supports policy-based solutions derived from statistical analysis and enjoys using statistics to make insights into our economic system and our electoral climate. Andrew is currently a senior at South Carroll High School and will be attending the University of Maryland in the Fall of 2019.

Contact Andrew at [email protected]

Chief Administrative Officer – Indri SchaelickeProfessional Pic 2

Indri currently serves as Chief Administrative Officer and as a contributor for 71 Republic. He has written over 50 articles and conducted several interviews with local and national political figures. He enjoys the responsibilities he has, as well as helping to develop younger writers.

Indri is a freshman at George Mason University and plans to major in Economics and minor in Philosophy. When he isn’t editing or writing articles, Indri plays on the club soccer team and reads both fiction and nonfiction works. He is also an avid hiker and finds great enjoyment in the outdoors.

Contact Indri at [email protected]

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