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Nigel Farage UKIP

Nigel Farage (Br)exits the UKIP Amidst Party Chaos

Brexit champion Nigel Farage, alongside former mayor of London Boris Johnson, has decided to leave the UKIP amidst internal crisis.

The USA Cannot Let Turkey and Saudi Arabia Fall

Daniel Szewc | Poland Many question the morality of the USA's decision to maintain a strong relationship with the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. How can the bastion of global democracy associate itself with a well-established theocracy, as well as what seems like one that poised to adopt a similar model? ...

Jair Bolsonaro

On Jair Bolsonaro: A Libertarian Perspective

Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has been dubbed "Trump of the tropics". Will he defend liberty better than the American president?

How China Overtook the USA Where The USSR Couldn’t

China has had several tactical advantages that the USSR did not, which allowed it to overtake the US where the Soviets couldn't.

Russia and USA Meet

Cheating Destiny: The USA Can Beat China Using Russia

Though China is a formidable global player in geopolitics, the United States can retain a global presence by using India and Russia to its favor.

National Library of China

Learn from China: How to Beat America

By holding countries to a lower standard and not imposing democracy via nation-building, China is becoming a more attractive ally.

Electric chair in Florida prison

It’s Time to Replace our Outdated Prison System

Our outdated prison system is illogical, inhumane, and gives no respect to the families of victims and to the victims themselves.

A New Look on Authoritarianism: Roman Dmowski

Can authoritarian nationalism and free market capitalism find common ground in the struggle against radical leftism and fascism?

The Free Market Can Be Used To Preserve Tradition

Tradition can be preserved through the use of market forces, rather than through government intervention in our lives and the economy.

European Union communist flag

The Communist Roots of the European Union

Many of the founders of the European Union had very strong communist leanings, which explains some of the group's modern intentions.