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Consent Matters: Non-consensual School Funding is Wrong

Non-consensual funding is morally wrong

Trump’s Solution to the Drug War: The Death Penalty

Trump went on the attack on drug pushers, offering the death penalty as a solution.

Latin America: The Most Bizarre Political Landscape in the World

Something I noticed is how particularly unique the political landscape is in Latin America.

Liberland And The Marshall Islands Are Creating Their Own Cryptocurrencies

Liberland, a micronation inhabiting disputed land between Serbia and Croatia, was the first country to introduce plans of a national cryptocurrency in 2016.

Trudeau’s Joke Of A Trip To India

The Canadian PM visited India with goals in mind. The only one accomplished was embarrassing Canada

Lila Rose Exposes Planned Parenthood Lies

The founder of Live Action tore into Planned Parenthod.

Austin Public School Counselors Aren’t Discouraging Self Harm. They’re Doing The Opposite.

Westlake High School counselor is giving questionable advice to students.

Poland Freezes Controversial Holocaust Law; Will Discuss with Israel

Poles Allowed To Criticize Govt For Involvement In Holocaust

The Generation Of Quit

The generation of entitlements, tantrums, and laziness shall be known as the generation of quit.

The Student Walk Out Is A Walk Out For All The Wrong Reasons

Students across the United States are walking out of school in hopes of sacrificing their rights.

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