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The Problem With Net Neutrality – Jonny Watt

By Jonny Watt | USA Net Neutrality is a set of government regulations which force ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) to treat all types of data packets on the internet the same. Recently the Trump administration, specifically Ajit Pai of the FCC, made plans to repeal Net Neutrality, pushing the issue of “internet freedom” into the ...

Standing for Freedom – Jesse M. Fullington

Libertarian Jesse M. Fullington discusses the nonsense regulation that stands to protect the two-party political duopoly.

Election Night 2017: The Results

Live Results and Coverage of the 2017 Elections.

The Two Other Times Eminem Dissed a President

Here are two other presidents that Eminem dissed just as badly as Donald Trump.

The Fallacies Of Collectivists

An exploration into where the collectivists have and are still going, wrong.

Semalt Speaks On Anchor Text Over-Optimization

Building too many targeted links for your posts can mess up your online campaign, not to mention affecting your rankings. Generally, over optimization refers to generating many links with a targeted number of anchor text where the links take away the meant value of content and cannot provide value anymore. Over optimization of anchor text ...

Alt Tags And Title Tags Optimization With Semalt

The reason why people choose to include images in a text is to strengthen the message contained in them and attract people to read it. Frank Abagnale, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that you should Always remember to add alt attributes to the images you are going to place. Alt and title tags enhance the text ...

Weinstein Helped Finance Clinton Defense 

Sexual misconduct and Hollywood corruption

The Forgotten War: Yemen

Yemen is a very tribalistic country, rife with conflict.

Civil Discourse Is Dead. Let’s Revive It.

I fail to notice the consequences of perception. When I assert my political opinion I let it become me. This is inherently a mistake.