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How I Became An Austrian Economist

Jozef Martiniak tells the story of how an Austian Economics conference changed his entire view on economics and government interactions in the economy.

Price gouging water

Price Gouging: A Life-Saving Market Mechanism

By increasing the supply of scarce goods and making sure the rich cannot buy them all, price gouging helps everyone through disasters.

Legalizing the Use of Child Labor

The practice of employing children is consensual and benefits both parties involved. Labor laws should be repealed to expand upon the freedom of choice.

Intellectual Property: Enemy of Freedom and Society

Intellectual property is a concept that halts human innovation, giving an individual or a group ownership of an idea that could further society.

Scarcity: A Natural Imperative to Human Reality

The economic phenomenon of scarcity is inevitable so long as humans continue to exist. Therefore, scarcity will never be eliminated.

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9/11: What the United States Failed to Learn

Seventeen years and counting after the terror attacks of 9/11, we have only fueled Al Qaeda and mounted an attack on freedom at home.

Americans Have Forgotten How to Boycott

Both conservatives and liberals have called for boycotts against companies that supported polarizing political agendas, and both have failed at doing so.

Mexican border caravan

The President’s Preposterous Caravan Claims

President Trump's claims about the Honduran immigrant caravan approaching the United States border are not grounded in reality.

71R Exclusive: Interview with Virginia Libertarian Senate Candidate Matt Waters

An exclusive interview with the Libertarian candidate for the 2018 Virginia Senate election, Matt Waters.

End the Wars: The Only Way to Support the Troops

It’s time. End the Wars and Bring them Home now.