The Government Is Killing Students’ Free Speech

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Josh Hughes | @joshh51099

Since the founding of the United States, individuals have been passionate about their rights to speech and expression. This passion is not limited to adults; students of all ages have their own beliefs they have the right to express. But sadly, schools across the nation have attempted to suppress that right. For this reason, in 1969 (Tinker v. Des Moines), the Supreme Court decided that students have First Amendment rights in the classroom. Unfortunately, subsequent cases have tread on this right and limited free speech for students.

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Bernie Sanders Will Usher in a New Age of Progressivism

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Josh Hughes | @joshh51099

Bernie Sanders, one of the nearly two dozen Democrats currently seeking nomination for the 2020 presidential race, and who also narrowly and controversially lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton in 2016, is an early favorite to win the progressive party’s ticket next summer. He has already received millions of volunteers for his campaign and has amounted millions of dollars in donations thus far. But just how progressive is his campaign actually? If you asked that question in 2016, most people on both sides of the aisle would have criticized his policies for being far too radical. However, just three short years later, many of the ideas headlined by the self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist have become nearly mainstream.

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Jailed Girl Scout Cookie Samaritan Proves Drug War is Absurd

Josh Hughes | @joshh51099

Soon after being heralded as a generous, kind-hearted man, South Carolinian Detric McGowan was arrested on counts of federal drug charges, the Drug Enforcement Agency has announced. A resident of Greenwood, South Carolina, McGowan’s story recently went viral on social media following a post by Kayla Dillard of Girl Scout Troop 1574 of Upstate South Carolina. The post alleged that McGowan bought upwards of $500 worth of Girl Scout cookies, telling the girls, “I’m taking them all so Y’all can get out of this cold.” The post was shared and liked by thousands of people across multiple platforms as of Monday, but by Tuesday afternoon news surfaced that he, along with 10 others, had been a part of a major drug bust.

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Make Civics Exams Mandatory for Voting

Josh Hughes | United States

In the United States, every citizen that is age 18 or above and is registered to vote enjoys the right to do so. While, on average, the people of the US do not take advantage of this right as much as those of other countries, there are still hundreds of millions of people that contribute to their “civic duty” every other November. But should it be that simple? Should anyone and everyone that shows up to the ballot be able to make a decision that could potentially drastically affect the scope of the country and have a direct effect on your life, regardless of their understanding of what they are voting for?

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