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Be on the Lookout for Gun Grabbers

After the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, we can expect the gun control advocates of the nation to attempt to spread their message once again.

A True Immigration Solution

The libertarian proposal for immigration reform of ending the welfare state and opening the borders is far more practical than what either side has offered.

Everyone Should Vote

Although counterintuitive, it is a popular opinion among many libertarians and anarchists that one should not vote in political elections.

The Free Market is a Better Alternative to Government

A market free of government interference is a system that can effectively provide for the people in a manner that is voluntary and competitive.

Fake news media war

President Trump’s Dangerous War on the Media

The president's media war has already been used as a tool for inciting violence and suppressing fair and deserved criticism.

How Ayn Rand’s Objectivism Shaped Libertarianism

Despite butting heads with many libertarian leaders, Ayn Rand's philosophy has contributed much to the libertarian movement.

U.S. Israel diplomatic meeting

What Cutting Foreign Aid Could Do for America

The United States, with its foreign aid budget alone, could feed every homeless person in America and power millions of homes with the wind.

Remembering the Consequences of Tyranny on 9/11

The September 11th terrorist attacks were truly a tragedy for the American people and created the modern tyrannical American government.

Libertarian Party of Ohio at Midterms

Why the 2018 Midterms are Important to the Libertarian Party

There are unprecedented amounts of dissatisfied voters for the Libertarian Party to draw from this midterm season.