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Ryan is a first-year sophomore at the University of Vermont, double majoring in philosophy and psychology. He is 71 Republic's Editor in Chief and a member of the Board of Directors. The works of Konkin, Goldman, Rothbard and Tolstoy have influenced his anarchist beliefs and led him to seek a way to bring those ideas into reality.

Gary Johnson fiscally conservative and socially liberal

A Libertarian Isn’t Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal

Gary Johnson, in spreading the "fiscally conservative and socially liberal" myth, only made libertarianism even less attractive.

america is safer statue of liberty fireworks

America Is Safer than It Has Been in Decades

Despite popular rhetoric in regards to mass shooting and crime epidemics, in reality, America is safer now than it has been in many years.

cryptocurrency bitcoin ethereum ripple

Bitcoin Floor Falls, Bottoms at $5600 USD

Popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others, have lost considerable value as of noon EST on Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton 2020

Hillary Clinton 2020? Third Bid in Play, Says Ex-advisor

Just days after the midterm season ends, a top former advisor believes we will soon see a Hillary Clinton 2020 presidential bid.

gun-free zones constitution vote

The Constitution Is as Effective as Gun-free Zones

The success and legitimacy of both the Constitution and gun-free zones in America operate on the same system of flawed logic.

Gender studies feminist march

Did Hungary Really Just Ban Gender Studies?

A Fox News story gave a blatantly inaccurate headline regarding Hungary's new policy towards gender studies programs.

Call of Duty

The Murderous Military Uses Call of Duty for Target Practice

Through the use of Call of Duty and other violent video games, the United States armed forces is trying to desensitize its soldiers to killing.

Acorn Group Socialism

Is Socialism Bad for a Country and its People?

The question requires a deep look at what exactly socialism means and what implications it has on each individual citizen and his or her autonomy.

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe Excluded from NY Gubernatorial Debate

After low polling and name recognition, WBNG New York has decided not to include Larry Sharpe or any other third-party candidates.

Reasons not to vote, I voted sticker

10 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote in Elections

From political to practical to moral, there are many reasons not to vote, as doing so creates much greater harm to you than it does benefit.