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Does The Government Use Cryptocurrency to Spy On Us?

Cryptocurrency allows for the possibility of state circumvention to arise, but could we be playing right into their hands?

Data Breach In Sweden: “82% Of Gang Rape Convicts Are Foreign”

Nordfront has received information that foreign born Swedes seem to be behind its current rape problem.

Rand Paul Takes On Big Pharma

The Kentucky Senator is taking on the anti free-market nominee for the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The Distorted Perception Of The Civil War

We have a misunderstanding of one of the most critical parts of American history.

The Police Aren’t Here to Protect

The land of the free houses excess of a million law enforcement officers. It is a myth that they're here to protect.

Net Neutrality Can Leave

The controversy over Net Neutrality is one we can hopefully soon put behind us, and one we should not be worried about.