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Austin Anderholt is an Anarcho-Capitalist editorialist and proud member of the Libertarian Party. He currently resides in Washington. Contact him at [email protected]

I Survived Socialist Venezuela

A story from a teenager living inside of socialist Venezuela.

The American Government is a Terrorist Organization

Our own government exhibits traits of a terrorist organization

Thinking like a Socialist: The Leftist Paradigm

Understanding the leftist argument for socialism.

Bring Down The State By Refusing To Play Its Game

Collectively remove yourselves from its system, and see what it can do then.

Patriotism and the State are not your God

Despite popular opinion, patriotism is not a desirable quality.

It is Time for a New Solution to Police Brutality

It’s time for a new solution to the police brutality issue.

The US Government Violates Every Basic Rule of Consent

Government, as usual, does not follow the same rules and regulations as its people.

Culture Is Responsible For Japan’s Low Gun Violence Rates, Not Gun Control

It’s not about the laws, it’s Japan’s collectivist culture that keeps mass shootings out of the nation.

No, Rights Do Not Come From Government

Your rights are natural, and a piece of paper can neither grant you them nor take them away.

The Walkout Movement Is Just Another Instance Of Ridiculous Lefist Reverse Virtue-Signaling

I will be the only student not to walk out on March 14th. Here's why.