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Austin Anderholt is a conservative opinion writer for 71republic, and a friend of the Libertarian Party. He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and currently lives in Vancouver, Washington. Contact him:

OPINION: Democracy is Failing, and Here is How We Fix it

A democratic model of society is not ideal, and there's a better alternative.

Why “Rocketman” Will Stay in Power Forever

Kim Jong Un's leadership tactics put him in a situation that makes it unlikely he would lose power due to his own nation.

Why I Left the Libertarian Party

My journey out of the LP.

Rand Paul’s One-Man Protest

The Junior Senator from Kentucky spent his Monday evening defending liberty and freedom.

Taxation is Nothing More than Legalized Robbery

Taxation on a very fundamental and basic level should be viewed as legalized robbery or theft. Men with guns come to your house and demand that you give them your money or they'll lock you in a cage. This is what taxation is. Today, we’re discussing the horrors of taxation, why it doesn't work, and ...

Hate Speech is Free speech

Hate speech, no matter how harmful, should be protected.

The Best Solution to Terrorism

Terror will only stop when we minimize government intervention and maximize freedom