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Austin Anderholt is a conservative opinion writer for 71republic, and a friend of the Libertarian Party. He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and currently lives in Vancouver, Washington.
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California’s Murder of Gun Rights

The left-leaning state has been attacking gun rights senselessly.

The Draft is Slavery and That’s That

The military draft is modern slavery, and there is no way out of that.

An Anarchist Society is a Better Society

Why a stateless society would thrive.

Trump’s Economic Plan: The Greatest or Statist?

Will the president's economic plan increase state regulation or open things up for the free market?

New Mexico: The Libertarian Powerhouse 

The state's support for the party is steadily increasing and shows no signs of stopping.

OPINION: Personality Cults are Destroying American Democracy

By Austin Anderholt | UNITED STATES Many westerners are quick to point out the “Personality Cult” of left-wing dictatorships such as the Soviet Union and North Korea. You’ve heard it. You’ve probably seen newsreels of North Koreans praising their “Glorious Leader” and mighty statues of socialist figures in 20th century Russia. The idea of these ...

“It’s Okay to be White” Posters Spark Outrage

Poster's have begun to pop up, and people are not happy.

OPINION: Yes, Businesses Should Be Allowed to Discriminate

Yes, businesses should be allowed to discriminate. But that doesn't mean that they will.

Spain to Suspend Government of Catalonia

The Spanish government will be taking back the territory of Catalonia.

OPINION: Democracy is Failing, and Here is How We Fix it

A democratic model of society is not ideal, and there's a better alternative.