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Austin Anderholt is a conservative opinion writer for 71republic, and a friend of the Libertarian Party. He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and currently lives in Vancouver, Washington. Contact him:

Culture Is Responsible For Japan’s Low Gun Violence Rates, Not Gun Control

It’s not about the laws, it’s Japan’s collectivist culture that keeps mass shootings out of the nation.

No, Rights Do Not Come From Government

Your rights are natural, and a piece of paper can neither grant you them nor take them away.

The Walkout Movement Is Just Another Instance Of Ridiculous Lefist Reverse Virtue-Signaling

I will be the only student not to walk out on March 14th. Here's why.

Gun Regulations Are A Slippery Slope To Full Confiscation

Each gun control law makes it easier for the government to take the option of full confiscation.

I’m Supporting Kokesh In 2020, And So Should You

Kokesh seems to be mirroring the successful aspects of LP candidates.


No, Sitting For The Pledge Is Not Disrespectful To Anyone

Sitting for the pledge is not disrespectful to anyone who fought for it, it is but a sign of freedom and solidarity against the state.


2018: Making The Libertarian Party Great Again

Through the recent blunders, it is likely that the LP will make it as a major party in 2018.


Why the #MeToo Movement is a Sham

The new popular movement targets the innocent and skews justice.


The Government is Constantly Chopping Off Our Legs

The government starves us of what we have payed for, and that is simply not ok.

Libertarians Call for Party Vice Chair’s Resignation Following Controversial Sexual Remarks Regarding Minors

The Libertarian Youth Caucus, among others, are taking on the LP VC.

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