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Nothing New in the Charleston Shooting

By Austin Cherkas | CHARLESTON Violent shootings in America are, unfortunately, nothing new. On the 24th of August, Thomas Burns, 53, and ex-convict returned “disgruntled," at a popular restaurant called Virginia's On King in Charleston, South Carolina from which he was recently fired from working as a dishwasher.  Thomas was armed with a revolver and ...

France Will Benefit From a Full “Brexit” and Here’s Why

France could greatly benefit from Britain completely cutting ties with the EU.

Uganda and its Oppression of Women

How the African country is turning a blind eye to the rights of women.

Sexual Harassment Hurts Women and the Future of the Tech Industry

By Austin Cherkas | USA Picture this: you go to college to get a degree in an industry that the people in that industry are very different than you. You get your degree and join the workforce. You love your job, and over the years you acquire a large amount of success. Then suddenly, you ...

Walter Shaub, Ethics Director, Resigns

Ethics are a staple in American life and life all around the world. Many look up to our leaders to set an example. Ethics are such an important quality in American politics, so much so that we established the Office of Government Ethics

Historic: Minnesota Lifts Sunday Liquor Ban

Minnesota just had a historic day on July 2, 2017. Alcohol can be sold on Sundays.

Hong Kong’s Dream For Democracy is Crushed

By Austin Cherkas | HONG KONG China is a large country with a whopping 3.705 million miles in area. This is due to its imperial land-grabbing of small territories like Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. All three of these territories of China are protesting their autonomy or independence, and on June 28, 2017, Hong Kong ...

India’s “Beef” Between Church and State

Every country has cultural taboos, something that is either not moral, not spiritual, not ethical, or just plain disturbing

India’s Violation of Expression: Sedition

When India became free from British rule in 1947, they looked at how their former rulers ran the government and adopted principles of “American Freedom.” 

Thailand’s New Problem: Drugs

Thailand has a new problem: drug addiction.