Transfer Eligibility Shows the NCAA is Not For its Athletes

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Cassandra Twining@cass_twining

According to the home page of the NCAA’s website, they have three main priorities when it comes to their student-athletes. Academics, well being, and fairness. Although, based on recent events; it seems to bring into question if they truly care about the well being of their student-athletes. The NCAA continues to claim that they are here to keep college sports safe. “Today, we work hard to promote safety, excellence, and physical and mental well-being for student-athletes.” They also boast their emphasis on fairness and that every student “deserves a fair shot.” Actions speak louder than words though. Issues with Brock Hoffman’s transfer eligibility waiver shows how the NCAA does not quite put their mission statement into practice.

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Capital Punishment Is an Outdated and Barbaric Idea

an eye for an eye capital punishment
Cassandra Twining | @cass_twining

Capital punishment, commonly known as the death penalty, is one of the most contentious topics of our time. There are many nuanced positions the thinkers of our society take. One of the most popular arguments in favor of the death penalty is the idea of retribution; an eye for an eye. This is not any new concept, it has been around for hundreds of years. This, however, doesn’t mean it’s right or a perfect argument.

Louis Pojman, Oxford graduate and author of A Defense of the Death Penalty, argues in his paper that we should enact capital punishment when it is necessary and deserved. He believes that is the case when someone takes the life of someone else pointlessly and intentionally. Pojman argues that when someone consciously takes the life of an innocent human they inherently forfeit their right to life, and therefore can be put to death without breaking basic moral codes.

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