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Cobin Szymanski is a Freshmen at Saint Michael- Albertville High School. He is a voracious reader and enjoys 17th and 18th-century literature especially Charles Dickens. He is a member of the Debate and Speech teams and in speech, won his conference as an eighth-grader. He is a vociferous environmentalist and pro-science advocate who enjoys hiking and traveling. He is a volunteer at his local library and loves to help people. He received commendation for taking 14th place at his State Geography Bee. He is an honor roll student and a member of the student council. He enjoys his daily briefing of politics and world news along with partaking in political discussions. He enjoys reading political philosophy books and has recently finished The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. He currently resides in Minnesota and wishes to pursue a degree in Theoretical or Astrophysics.

Modern Slavery and The Quandary of The Yazidis

The Earth is flooding, and the rain is slavery.

Climate Change and the Plight of Modern Science

The long-held principles of a scientific world are being questioned and will shake our modern society to its core.

Catalan Independence: The Past, Present, and Future

The region of Catalonia vies for independence.

The Italian Refugee Crisis

The refugees that have inundated Italy and Europe's immigration systems are mostly asylum seekers

Transnistria – The Country that Doesn’t Exist

The future of Transnistria is uncertain but many are looking forward instead of back to the past

The Deadliest City in the World: Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, once a shining beacon of Mexico's tourist economy, has degenerated into something almost unrecognizable.

The Evisceration of “Bears Ears,” What it is, and Why it Matters

The national parks and monuments that we hold dear are being threatened. What is happening, and what should we do?

The War on Canada’s Tar Sands

With the discovery of Canada's tar sand in 1848 it began an era marked by economic opportunity and fervent protests.

A University of Virginia Demonstrator Loses Job at Libertarian Hot Dog Stand

When the nation is as divided as ever, a libertarian hot dog stand takes the spotlight.

Darfur – The Silent Loss of Liberty and Human Rights

As the fifteenth anniversary of the Darfur Genocides approaches, it is good to remember just how devastating the events in Sudan really were.