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Colin Louis is an editorial writer for 71 Republic. He lives in the northern suburbs of Illinois with his loving family and dog. the inspiration for his interest in politics was first sparked by the Rand Paul 2016 campaign and other libertarian movements, this drove him into an interest for politics. From there he educated himself and formed new opinions. He enjoys the outdoors and freedom! He’s a volunteer in his local community and church. Politics has played a large roll in his life and liberty has lead the charge! When not writing, reading, or learning he plays golf, runs cross country, and listens to music. He enjoys to play monopoly and other business focused games. From a young age he developed a love for economics, politics, history, and learning about the world around him. At his school he participates in debate, and theater. His main political views center around capitalist economics, non interventionism, individual freedom, and conservatism. He is proud to be politically involved, informed, and hold the views he views. He hopes to run for the Illinois state congress in the future to implement more freedom and reform into today's system. He is a Christian, Libertarian, patriot, and lover of freedom. You can follow him on Instagram @the_libertarian_nationalist

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