Dan Crenshaw Cracks Under Gun Grabber Pressure

dan crenshaw gun control taps

Conner Drigotas | @CDriggs44

Following the shootings in Texas and Ohio, another high-ranking Republican Congressman has now dismissed the importance of the Second Amendment. Via twitter, Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) expressed his support for two major forms of gun control. First, he TAPS Act, which militarizes the police and will profile American citizens. Crenshaw is also advocating for Red Flag laws, which confiscate legally owned guns while circumventing the foundational principle of due process.

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Pennsylvania Marriage Law Desperately Needs Updating

pennsylvania marriage law
Conner Drigotas | @connerdrigotas

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Commitment is a personal choice and an important promise to love and cherish someone. Unlike some other states, Pennsylvania’s government is still present at every wedding ceremony by state law placing restrictive limits on who couples can choose to officiate their marriage.

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Justin Amash Must Avoid Libertarian Party Temptation

justin amash libertarian party
Conner Drigotas | @connerdrigotas

At 6 AM on July 4, 2019, the Washington Post published an Op-Ed by Representative Justin Amash of Michigans 3rd Congressional District in which he announced his departure from the Republican Party.

Amash said he has become “disenchanted with party politics and frightened by what I see from it. The two-party system has evolved into an existential threat to American principles and institutions.” His sentiment is one that state houses across the country are echoing.

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