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I'm a US citizen, but for most of the past decade I've been living in British Columbia, Canada. I have degrees in both anthropology and environmental studies from the University of Victoria. I am currently working on a master's degree in environmental management at Royal Roads University. I've been a Green Party candidate for the US Congress as well as an organizer for the DNC. I've also served as the program director for a local non-profit environmental group.

Humanist Spirituality

Values & ideas will always have an ethereal quality. Humanism offers us a way to celebrate that fact without abandoning reason

Trump’s Treason

It’s time we start calling out President Trump for his betrayal

Measuring The True Quality Of Human Life

Objectively, things are generally better than ever. The problem is, life is by definition a subjective experience.

Saving The Supreme Court

The fight over Anthony Kennedy’s replacement represents everything that’s wrong with the judicial nominating process.

Creation Guides the World All the Way Down

Destruction is an illusion. Transformation is real.

America Needs To Let Go of Zero-Sum Thinking

Humanity isn’t a collection of teams. Humanity is the team.

Equivocation Is As Good As Support To An Aspiring Tyrant

We’ve reached an inflection point. It’s time to decide where you stand.

The Epigenetics of America’s Immigration Policy

People will be paying for what’s unfolding on the border for generations

Proposed Changes to America’s Nuclear Policy Means Congress Needs to Act

The Time For Reviewing Our Nuclear Policies Is Now

This Could Be My Family

The Global Community Must Not Engage In Appeasement