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I'm a US citizen, but for most of the past decade I've been living in British Columbia, Canada. I have degrees in both anthropology and environmental studies from the University of Victoria. I am currently working on a master's degree in environmental management at Royal Roads University. I've been a Green Party candidate for the US Congress as well as an organizer for the DNC. I've also served as the program director for a local non-profit environmental group.

Are You Getting Enough Awe in Your Experiential Diet?

Between learning about a thing and experiencing it there is a fine line

Equality: The Yeast That Makes Liberty Rise

By Craig Axford | United States In the United States in particular we’ve come to identify freedom with the absence of prohibitions. But the absence of legal barriers to our capacity to live our lives as we choose is only half the picture. While modern democratic constitutions have done an excellent job of articulating the ...

Banning Discomfort in the Classroom Advances Racism in the Culture

Why Banning Books Hurts Rather Than Helps

Sovereignty Ain’t What It Used To Be

Global problems require global solutions. We’ve entered an era when no single nation can do much of anything on its own.