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Uber car

NYC Passes Legislation to Limit Services of Uber, Lyft

To bring revenue back to taxi drivers, the New York City Council is making it harder for companies like Uber and Lyft to succeed.

True Libertarian Presidents III: Grover Cleveland

How libertarian was our 22nd and 24th president?

A Recent Spike in Bitcoin Leaves Members of Congress Speechless

Bitcoin is alive and well, showing signs of promise and great potential for the coming months to end off 2018.

True Libertarian Presidents II: Warren G. Harding

President Warren G. Harding advocated for social peace and economic freedom. Was he a true libertarian president, or another big government, politician?

Dying Industries in the USA and the Ones Worth Reviving

Through a societal change in desires, as well as increased automation and outsourcing, a number of American industries are declining.

True Libertarian Presidents I: Ulysses S. Grant

Why Ulysses S. Grant was a true libertarian president.

Career Politicians Without Term Limits are a Thing of the Past

American politicians currently serve without term limits, but there is some movement for change in Congress.