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Yellow vests gilets jaunes

The French “Yellow Vests” Movement Is Not Slowing Down

Though French President Emmanuel Macron suspended his infamous gas tax hike, the Yellow Vests are set to rally again Saturday.

These 4 States Could Legalize Marijuana this November

Ballot initiatives on midterm ballots in 4 states could legalize marijuana to various degrees.

Pantex plant nuclear weapon

Texas Nuclear Weapons Plant Facing Emergency

Midday Tuesday, the Pantex plant in Texas faced a sudden emergency response after a number of past serious safety violations.

Drug tests

New Bill Would Authorize Drug Tests for Congressmen

Rep.Clay Higgins of Louisiana's proposal would create randomized drug tests for Congressmen, but opponents criticize the move as a political gimmick.

President Trump, We Can’t Just “Print More Money”

Printing our way out of a massive debt is not only economically infeasible, but will worsen the ongoing crisis and thrust the economy into a recession.

New Jersey Set to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

According to New Jersey State Senate President Steven Sweeney, the State Congress will vote to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes soon.

This Kentucky Multi-Media Shop Surged its Town’s Economy

Appalshop, a multi-media company in Eastern Kentucky, has grown massively over the last half century and is helping to reduce poverty.

Uber car

NYC Passes Legislation to Limit Services of Uber, Lyft

To bring revenue back to taxi drivers, the New York City Council is making it harder for companies like Uber and Lyft to succeed.

True Libertarian Presidents III: Grover Cleveland

How libertarian was our 22nd and 24th president?

A Recent Spike in Bitcoin Leaves Members of Congress Speechless

Bitcoin is alive and well, showing signs of promise and great potential for the coming months to end off 2018.