Beto Says Tweet About AR-15 Is a “Death Threat”

beto death threat gun control
Derrell McIver | @BenjaminDMyles1

Yesterday, presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke claimed that one Texas lawmaker’s now-deleted tweet represented a death threat. The state representative’s name is Briscoe Cain of House District 128.  O’Rourke, hoping to gather support for proposed gun control measures, also stated that this kind of statement showed that Cain shouldn’t own an AR-15—and neither should anyone else.” Afterward, many of Beto’s followers took it upon themselves to file a complaint with the Texas State Bar. The Bar could take action that may impact Cain’s ability to practice law in the state. As of the time of publishing, no such actions have yet occurred.

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If You Want to Save the Amazon Rainforest, Privatize It

amazon rainforest privatize
Derrell McIver | @BenjaminDMyles1

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most beautiful and essential natural features on our planet. Yet, it is now in great danger as fires, raging for many weeks, threaten the “lungs” of Earth. We should be worried about the Amazon rainforest. But calls for the government to act are not the answer. If they give up ownership and privatize it, governments will provide the best way for the Amazon and other threatened natural resources to be saved. By doing so, they will introduce a beneficial profit motive. 

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Interview: YAL VP Justin Greiss Talks Operation Win at the Door

justin greiss, operation win at the door
Derrell McIver | @BenjaminDMyles1

Justin Greiss (@LibertyGreiss) is the Vice President of Grassroots at Young Americans for Liberty. After quickly moving up the ranks in the student organization, Greiss took a hiatus to serve on Rand Paul’s presidential campaigns, as well as his Senatorial re-election campaigns. Then, after that election, Justin Greiss returned to Young Americans for Liberty and began building what would soon become Operation Win at the Door. Ultimately, Operation Win at the Door officially launched in the 2018 primary cycle. Justin Greiss discusses Operation Win at the Door with 71Republic Contributor Derrel McIver.

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