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Oath of Enlistment Occurring

The Military Oath of Enlistment is Self-Contradictory

The Oath of Enlistment that all soldiers swear by proves they're chained to the executive branch.

Politics is Awful but Necessary for Liberty in the Future

Why continue to fight this seemingly perpetual fight? Is it possible to imagine a future where politics involve peace and liberty?

Labor Unions Destroyed the Sanctity of the Worker

Labor unions have become obsolete due to their tendency to destabilize the labor market and increase prices of goods.

Yes, Voting IS Consent to be Governed

Voting is the game some libertarians play to try to tear down the government that runs the elections.

Boomers in the 1960s

The Boomers and Their Greatest Weapon: Experience

The Boomers, as they are much older than us, should have wisdom. They often display the opposite.