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London Car Crash Identified As ‘Terror Incident’

Eli Ridder | UNITED KINGDOM (71 Republic) - A sole male suspect was brought into custody on suspicion of terrorism charges Tuesday morning after a car crashed outside the British Houses of Parliament, injuring several. Metropolitan Police responded to the scene in force, arresting the suspect around 7:30 a.m. local time, and he remains in ...

Saudi Arabia Moves Medical Patients Out of Canada

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday all national patients are being withdrawn from Canadian care.

Trump Warns U.S. Allies Over Trade With Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump gives a strict warning against those trading with Iran.

U.S. To Reimpose Pre-2015 Deal Sanctions on Iran

The United States will start from square one again by introducing pre-2015 Iran deal sanctions.

Canadian Envoy Kicked From Saudi Arabia, Trade Frozen

Saudi Arabia has reacted to a Canadian statement condemning human rights in the country.

Venezuelan President Survives ‘Drone Attack’

Officials confirmed that an attack was carried out against President Nicolás Maduro.


Russia Proposes to Work With U.S. in Syria

The United States and Russia may work together in war-torn Syria.

France Officially Wins Second World Cup in Russia

France takes home World Cup after final against Croatia in Russia.

Trade War: U.S. Takes On China, the World

The U.S. enters what is viewed as a global trade war.

Trump, Kim Shake Hands in Singapore, Sign Agreement

Live coverage of the historic Trump-Kim summit.