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Trump Jr.’s Wife Rushed To Hospital

Vanessa Trump, wife of Donald Trump Jr., has been rushed to hospital after opening an envelope containing white powder at her residence in New York.

Shutdown Ends: Trump Signs Budget Bill

United States President Donald Trump signs off on a two-year budget bill passed by Congress overnight, avoiding a longer government shutdown.

U.S. Senate Passes Budget Bill

The United States Senate passes the budget bill, sending it off to the House of Representatives.

Shutdown Confirmed: U.S. Senate Back In Session

The United States government shutdown has been confirmed as the Senate heads into recess.

Russians Denied Olympic Appeal

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has dismissed an appeal by 45 Russian athletes and two coaches against their exclusion from the 2018 Winter Olympics.

U.S. Agencies Expecting Shutdown

Eli Ridder | UNITED STATES The Office of Management and Budget is preparing for a lapse in funding, contacting federal agencies on Thursday over uncertainty that legislators can pass a two-year budget bill and avoid a United States government shutdown.  LIVE: U.S. Government Attempts To Avoid Shutdown Rand Paul Holds Up Senate Vote “The Office ...

Rand Paul Holds Up Budget Deal Vote

U.S. Senator Rand Paul is holding up the vote as a midnight deadline nears, threatening a bill that would avert another government shutdown.

Merkel Secures Agreement For Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union on Wednesday announced it had finalized an agreement with the SPD.

Trump Attacks British Healthcare

U.S. President Donald Trump criticizes NHS after watching Fox And Friends.

Lawmaker Train Strikes Truck

A train carrying United States Republican lawmakers collided into a dump truck.

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