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Energy Used For Bitcoin Mining Set to Triple: Study

The energy used for bitcoin mining is increasing exponentially, a study says.

Several Killed In Texas High School Shooting

A rising casualty number defined another high school shooting in the United States.

Near Half of Pro-Tech South Africans Will Invest in Crypto: Survey

A survey finds that 47 per cent of the respondents will invest in 2018.

13 Killed During Church Bombings in Indonesia

Suicide bombers killed nine and injured several on Sunday morning.

Kodak Raising Crypto Funds for Image Copyright Blockchain

Kodak is creating its own cryptocurrency.

Trump Says U.S. Set to Leave Iran Deal

President Donald Trump is set to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Crypto Investors Expect Trades to Continue after India Ban

After India blocked banks from carrying out crypto trades, activity has only increased. 

975 People File Lawsuit Over Bitcoin Cash

Angered users have filed a lawsuit over BTC and BCH confusion.