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The Surveillance State’s Iron Grip is Tightening

Americans are losing their privacy more than ever.

How The Civil War Changed National Identity Forever

The Civil War forever changed how Americans view their national identity.

The Post: A Movie That Reminds Us That The Government Must Be Kept At Bay

This Oscar-nominated drama tells more than just the story of a revolution in Journalism—it reveals the very current importance of the 1st Amendment and the dangers that face it.

Coping With The Monsters Among Us

Every argument for gun control or mental health reform is an example of a coping strategy, regardless of intent; efforts to prevent shootings help improve safety, but also indirectly improve the mental health of those in danger.


Donald Trump Made A Bad Move On Guantanamo Bay

Fair treatment of humans under the law should be a prerequisite to American war action.

The Ever-Changing Meaning of Patriotism

Patriotism should mean dedication to values and a healthy lust for liberty.

The Danger of the Modern View of Death

The view of death in today's world has descended into a nihilistic view, which has made everything worse for everyone.

Close Encounters of the Unimportant Kind

How the Pentagon has been spending a whole lot of money on a whole lot of nothing.

The Double-Edged Sword of Legislation for Greater Access to The Supreme Court

What would the cost of an increase in Supreme Court access come at?

The Stupidity of Politicizing Video Games

Games such as the recent Wolfenstein II shouldn't be politicized. Games are meant to be fun, and politics don't fit that trend.