Nielsen Out, McAleenan In

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Garrett Summers | United States

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned April 7th after meeting with President Trump at the White House in what appears to be a complete overhaul of DHS. The president wants to move the Department into a “tougher” direction. Current Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan is temporarily replacing Nielsen. This temporary appointment is a move by President Trump to have a strong ally in the department with a tougher stance on border security, while also searching for a permanent replacement. McAleenan’s views on border security mirror Trumps more closely than Nielsen’s. By replacing her, the president has a stronger block of allies in the department to push for immigration reform and to potentially shut down the border, which he threatened to do last week.

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The Green New Deal Failed, but Is the World Doomed?

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Garrett Summers | United States

On March 26, the Senate voted 0-57 on the Green New Deal. This is a Senate version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s House Green New Deal. The Green New Deal was introduced to the Senate by Senator Markey (Massachusetts- D). Senate leader Mitch McConnell wanted the citizens to know where their Senators stood on the Green New Deal. Given such, he referred it to the floor for a vote.

Fearing that a rift between moderate and more radical Democrats, Democrats chose to vote “present” on the bill. This is interesting because a study highly touted by the Democrats claims that the world has 12 years to limit climate change or the world may face irreversible consequences. If Senate Democrats truly held this belief, why would they not vote for this bill? Many Democrats fear that support of the Green New Deal could alienate their moderate base and split the party. This is all the more dangerous, especially when approaching an election year.

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Scandinavian Socialism Could Never Work In the US

Garrett Summers | United States

Socialists often point towards the Scandinavian countries for evidence that a socialist system is a way to prosperity for the US. (Never mind that the Prime Minister of Denmark pushed back on this sentiment during Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the White House) There are two chief differences between these countries and the US that socialists refuse to admit. The population size and the lack of defense spending in these countries.

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