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How to Get Rid of Career Politicians Without Term Limits

The solution to ending the problem of career politicians staying forever in Congress is not term limits. It's congressional pay reform.

Libertarian Party Gary Johnson Bill Weld

Is the Libertarian Party Doomed to Fail?

In its current state, the Libertarian Party will soon run into the problems that have corrupted all political parties.

Guy Fawkes: The Man Behind the Mask

Who is Guy Fawkes, the man who's resemblance is seen on the widely popular mask?

Mexico Rules Marijuana Ban Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of Mexico has recently ruled that the nation's marijuana ban is unconstitutional, paving a way for legalization of the drug.

Philosophy Socrates Antisthenes Chrysippos Epicurus

What Happened to Philosophy in America?

By Harley Austin | United StatesIn modern times, philosophy has been lacking in both academia and the general populace. People have blamed the drying up of philosophical innovation and interest on numerous things, but no explanation has been sufficient. To analyze what created our current situation, we must discuss changes in culture, values, and society. ...

U.S. Foreign Policy Caused the Honduran Migrant Caravan

The Migrant Caravan from Honduras is a product of failed US diplomacy

Emperor Joshua Norton

Joshua Norton: Emperor of the United States

The story of Joshua Norton, a not-so-humble San Francisco man who went from rags to self-declared Emperor of the United States.

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Why Is Big Government Popular in Urban Culture?

By Harley Austin | United States America is known for its pluralistic culture with a diverse selection of subcultures. Many call this the "melting pot". However, a more accurate analogy would be a societal salad bowl: the coexistence of numerous subcultures creates the broader culture as a whole. Keep in mind that this analysis of ...

Gladiator Combat

The Benefits of Legalized Gladiator Combat

(Satire) The legalization of gladiator combat for death row inmates could have major benefits for the US economy.

Republicans Do Not Support Gun Rights

While the Republican Party champions its relationship with the NRA and other gun organizations, the party's recent policies have gone against gun rights.