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Thomas Massie wants to audit the Federal Reserve

Thomas Massie’s Bill May Finally Audit the Federal Reserve

Rep. Thomas Massie has reintroduced a bill to audit the US Federal Reserve.

The Free Market is the Cure to Government’s Pollution

Government is the biggest polluter, and thus, private property and the free market are the way to protect the environment.

NRA member shooting gun

The NRA Does Not Support American Gun Rights

Despite popular belief and an ironic name, the NRA has never really supported the gun rights of American citizens.

Glenn Jacobs, A.K.A. WWE Wrestler Kane, Has Won The Knox County Mayor Election

Glenn Jacobs: a libertarian spokesman, WWE wrestling champion, and Republican candidate, has won the election for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

America Needs a New Form of Criminal Justice

America's punitive justice system fails to accommodate for the victims of crimes and should be replaced by a retributive system.

Adam Kokesh is Running for Arizona Senator

Adam Kokesh has announced that he will be running for Arizona Senator as a Libertarian.

The United States Military Should Be Abolished

The United States Military has become the warmongering standing army that the Founding Fathers' warned us about and needs to be abolished.

Technology has Redefined 21st Century Politics

New technologies have created new ways of sharing ideas in the 21st century. This has had a major impact on political awareness.

How Generation Z Will Shape American Politics

Generation Z could impact American politics in several ways.

Modern “Ghost Guns”: How 3D Printing Will Affect the Gun Industry

America’s gun industry could see major changes in coming years.