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Indri is a rising high school senior. He is currently a Contributor and Associate Editor at 71 Republic. His political views have been influenced by Ron Paul, F.A Hayek, and Milton Friedman. When he isn't writing articles for 71 Republic, he enjoys playing soccer, volunteering at the local animal shelter and reading.

A New Dawn for Cuba?

The drafting of a new constitution could offer Cuba a fast track to modernization and a new found respect for individual liberties.

Initiative to Break California Into 3 States Fails Before It Begins

Though the movement to break California into 3 received the signatures it needs for a vote, such a vote will not be occurring this year.

Want to Help the Poor? Abolish the Minimum Wage

Raises in the minimum wage are both disastrous for the economy and immoral.

Four Easy Ways to Rein in Federal Spending

Federal spending is out of control, but government can take these four steps to right its path.

EPA Head Scott Pruitt Resigns Amidst Ethics Scandals

Amidst several ethics scandals including a misallocation of federal funds for personal use, EPA Director Scott Pruitt has officially stepped down from his position.

America – The Land of the Free! Not so Much.

Since the dawn of the land of the free, many of our freedoms have gradually eroded away through government action.

Victimless Crime Laws Have No Place in a Free Society

In a free society, the only laws are direct protections of individual rights to life, liberty, and property.

We Can Protect Schoolchildren AND Our Right to Bear Arms

Private armed security can protect rights and lives.

President Trump’s Turbulent Trade Tomfoolery

Trump's flip on trade spells out bad news for the United States

Free Markets Are The Ultimate Tool To Destroy Bigotry

It doesn't take legislation to end business bigotry. The free market can do the job just fine.