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Isaiah Minter is currently a high school senior and advocate of liberty, peace, virtue, and prosperity. Former Marxist turned Libertarian, Isaiah combines conservative morality with free-market economics to promote a free and prosperous American society. Influenced by libertarian economists Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, and Friedrich Hayek, Isaiah is committed to the ideas of small limited government, tolerance, and markets.

Government Education Spending Hurts More Than It Helps

A decentralized voucher system would promote education, development, and responsibility.

We Must Privatize the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Our veterans are dying under the current system of public Veterans Affairs, and it is time to better care for them through a privatization of the agency.

Government Conservation Leads To Black Markets

In banning the trade of rhino horns, the government has not only artificially inflated the price of the commodity but has also prevented the owners of rhinos to sell their horns on the open market.

Common Misconceptions About The Universal Basic Income

As Automation Looms, UBI Rears Its Head

Facts, Gun Violence, Walkouts and Feelings

The False Truths Behind The Student Walkout

The Economic Myths Upholding Trump’s Tariffs

The economics behind Trump's tariffs are riddled with fallacious reasoning.

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