Killing All Radicals Will Maintain an Inclusive Society

alt right radical extremists
Ivan Misiura | United States

Ushering in the new age of progress, we as a society have an obligation to uphold the virtues of democracy, tolerance, and justice. In the past few decades, we have traversed a harsh political climate to pursue an inclusive and tolerant society. We have seen civil rights grant people of color a voice in our land. Currently, LGBTQQIAA+ activists are fighting for equal standing in society and are making progress; without a doubt, we are entering a new age.

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A 400 Year Old Precedent Just Ruined Brexit

Ivan Misiura | United States

Britain’s fight for independence from their European partnership has seen many different twists and turns since its initial consensus in 2016.  Before the nation can properly disassociate from the E.U., it must sort out how it will survive.  Britain shares many of the same laws and regulations as the E.U. which help the nation run. The massive undertaking of leaving a multi-state agreement calls for a stroke of originality and independence on the part of Britain to make it on its own. They must decide what to burn and what to keep.

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Baltimore Sergeant Indicted for Planting Evidence

Ivan Misiura | United States

A federal grand jury has indicted former Baltimore Sergeant Keith Gladstone. Charges in the February 28th indictment that were unsealed at Tuesdays trial include: conspiracy to deprive civil rights, conspiracy to commit offence against the United States, and also witness tampering. 

Gladstone planted a BB-gun at the scene of a drug bust, according to accusations. The same scene where an officer ran down a suspect with his vehicle in march, 2014.  The offending officer, Wayne Jenkins, than called sergeant Gladstone and reportedly ordered him to plant the phony firearm. Baltimore charged the suspect with both drug possession and possession of an illegal weapon.

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Australian Team Draws Closer to Universal Flu Shot

Universal flu vaccine shot killer t-cells
Ivan Misiura | United States

Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is not like most other diseases we get vaccinated for today. It is not uncommon for one to receive the flu shot and still contract the dreaded virus. This is due to its ability to quickly – and unpredictably – mutate and overcome various vaccines.

As of now, scientists choose the flu shot you receive largely by educated guess; whatever strain hit last year. The variation and adaptation of the virus have made it notorious for its difficulty to fight.

A universal vaccine that would cover all strains of the virus would be incredibly valuable for both researchers and the global population. The development of a universal vaccine would mean that those with excellent immune systems would not need to get a shot more than once a decade for protection.

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