The Hong Kong Protestors Should Invite Charlie Wilson

Hong Kong Protest Guns Charlie Wilson
J.D. Little | United States

Hong Kong was not ruled over by tyrants while Thomas Jefferson was alive. But in the name of some classical American sagacity, it may be worth it to find out what he would likely think about the riots gripping the city-state.  Jefferson frequently referenced a so-called “Empire of Liberty” in many of his key letters.

Most critically, on the 6th of September, 1824, he wrote to William Ludlow, “where this progress will stop no-one can say. Barbarism has, in the meantime, been receding before the steady step of amelioration; and will in time, I trust, disappear from the earth”. It is the duty of free people to ensure freedom in the face of rampant oppression, be it by a State or by other entities.

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