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Jake B. Melkun is a conservative who started to work for 71 Republic in the middle of July of 2017. He plays Ice Hockey and he loves to watch football on television. He also loves to support his New York sports teams, the Islanders, Mets, and the Giants. Jake is currently fourteen and is passionate in everything politics. He has participated in Youth in Government programs and has volunteered for the Delaware GOP before. He hopes to become a constitutional lawyer before running for public office but loves to write for 71 Republic. You can contact Jake at

Long Island Is Getting Its Soul Back

The move for the New York Islanders back to Long Island is both a win for both the fans of Long Island and the taxpayers of Long Island

The Rand Paul Assault is Just the Beginning

Political violence is a dangerous tool, and its days are not over.

Election Day 2017: The Races to Watch

A master list of major elections happening on Nov. 7, 2017

OPINION: Trump Needs to Stop, from a Trump Supporter

A Trump supporter's opinion regarding where Trump is succeeding and where he's lacking.


These 10 Places Could Become the World’s Next Countries

A list of 10 areas which may soon be sovereign states.


BBC Censors “Climate Deniers” 

The British Broadcasting Corporation, a public news organization funded by the UK Government, has told their staff to “give climate deniers unequal air time”. This means that the news channel will no longer allow skeptics of the thought of climate change to debate people who do agree with the idea of climate change. The evidence ...


The Man in the Red Bandana: A True American Hero

Let us not forget the story of this man's brave actions on America's most fateful day.


frank. — To Be Frank, An Excellent Phone

The frank. phone is a new alternative looking to take on the big phone markets of Google, Samsung and Apple.


Debunking the Gender Wage Gap

Putting the myth of the gender wage gap to rest once and for all.


End the War on Drugs

The drug war has been nothing but a disaster, and there are better alternatives

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