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James Sweet is a reporter for 71 Republic from Lexington, South Carolina. He is an advocate for voluntary association and the free markets, alongside personal responsibility. As well as being a member of his school's FBLA chapter and debate team, James is the Director of the South Carolina Libertarian Youth Caucus. He also serves on the Libertarian Youth Caucus's National Board, and is South Carolina's Director of the Midlands for BackPAC. You can contact him at

New Survey Finds Surprising Crypto Demographics

A new poll shows an unlikely demographic showing major interest in the crypto market. This new market is young, male, and racially diverse.

South Carolina capitol

The South Carolina LP’s Battle Over James Smith

The South Carolina Libertarian Party is being attacked for the simple reason that they are not nominating Democrat James Smith for governor.

Rand Paul Endorses Gary Johnson In Senate Race

If Gary Johnson is elected, he could possibly become a swing vote in the Senate.

California Wants to Regulate Options for Kids’ Drinks

A new bill in California would affect the way that restaurants in California can market drinks, in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.

Lena Epstein

Lena Epstein Wins Michigan Republican Primary

Lena Epstein, of Michigan's 11th House District, has safely defeated her primary opponents in an area that leaned blue in 2016.

Haley Stevens Wins Michigan Democratic Primary

Haley Stevens is likely to become the Democratic nominee for Michigan's House District 11.

LIVE COVERAGE: Michigan’s 11th House District

Tonight determines who moves on into a contested general election for Michigan's 11th House District.

Gibraltar Soccer Team Will Pay Players in Cryptocurrency

With Gibraltar United taking a step into the unknown, the club could be a pioneering force in the world.

Elon Musk Supports Government, Not Republicans

Elon Musk doesn't support political parties, only government.